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How to stop stuttering

chris153624 Member Posts: 2 Listener
edited October 2021 in Sensory impairments
Hi everyone I have had a stutter since I can remember and not being able to get my words out has played a major part of my life I'm now 37 and have just found by vaping CBD oil has taken my stutter pretty much completely away I stumbled across the effects of this by chance. a little story about how I first noticed major improvement was I have a Google home and would have to say ok Google to activate it Wich was hard enough for me to to get out by the time I managed to get the next word out what I wanted it to do I would go off and I would have to try start again and plus meeting and talking to new people was really difficult now since I have been adding CBD oil to my normal vape juice I can just flow in conversation something I have never been able to do before this my lips would tremble before I could say anything and some words were just impossible to get out this CBD oil has changed my life another example is I had a date at the weekend and was so nervus now normally under these conditions it would have been a complete night mare for me but I didn't stutter or lip tremble once I just felt the need to share this information with any body needing help with there stutter and remember CBD oil is completely legal and it doesn't have to be Vaped u can just put a little drop under your tongue you can buy this from many places like eBay Amazon and many more I paid £25 for 2x 10ml bottles of 1000ml cbd hopes this helps any body



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