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B1nkyb00 Community member Posts: 45 Connected

https://youtu.be/yMO6NSopy5c  I sometimes find it hard explaining to people that I am too tired to do things. I don't think they really understand. Im not "just tired." Its more than that. This is a video explaining the spoons theory. I know a lot of people sometimes use it to describe a chronic illness, but I do find it works for a physical disability too. 


  • Neil2017
    Neil2017 Community member Posts: 155 Courageous
    Hi @B1nkyb00
    Thanks for sharing this informative post and the YouTube video.

    Yes, it is sometimes so hard explaining that I am tired. Not sure if I have specifically classed as a chronic condition, but seem to tire easy having had Cancer.

    i read a post i think it was by @PippaScope talking about the hashtag Spoonies2016. Now I understand more of what that is about.

    possibly in a roundabout way this also describes people with a sensory loss like sight or hearing. For instance for sight loss I think it can take you longer to do things and also more concentration on taking in audio information rather than visual (if not totally deaf as well)

    thanks anywsy
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