PIP award - shocked at how low the points were

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Hi. Recently received Pip award which we we happy with but we were shocked at how low the points were for each section. Spent a lot of time putting a lot of details on the form and it seems that a lot of the details from this and the f2f assessment have been ignored. In some areas no points and 2 points were allocated when it was clear that the disability required a much higher level of points. For example, no points for physiotherapy as a managed treatment, 0 points for planning a journey and 2 points for reading and budgeting. This person has mild LD and a full time wheelchair user and cannot read at all or work out change in a shop and has recall memory issues. 
This was all made explicitly clear on the form but the points don't reflect this or other areas of assessment. As it's enhanced for both parts, probably not worth challenging, but it is so frustrating and upsetting that much of the information has clearly been disregarded. I'm guessing this is a common theme.? Would appreciate feedback. So, I guess we have to wait until review before we can get someone who actually listens next time. It's an ongoing award. Just shocked that 15 points for daily living when we were expecting higher, given the nature of disabilities. Thanks everyone


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    Hello Wheelability1234

    Many people can feel like they have not been listened to when they receive a copy of the medical assessment and decision. What may seem obvious to you, and what is supported by evidence unfortunately is not obvious to those assessing the award. I hear quite often claimants state that what they have said has been taken out of context or only part listened to. For these claimants the only option is then to challenge the award, thankfully even though you did not expect the points to be score as low it still gave entitlement to enhanced awards. 

    Kind regards