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can I withdraw my claim for pension credit to get the full amount of severe disability premium?

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Can anybody help me before I burst with frustration,!!! Applied 6 weeks ago for severe disability premium and pension credit, forms filled in over the phone when they told me I qualify for severe disability premium but they had to send figures over to see about pension credit. Got a letter today saying I will get 25-00 a week pension credit, but no mention of the s/d premium, phoned them and operator said "yes the only reason I was awarded pension credit is because I was awarded s/d/p". I said but I haven't had any letter as to when I will get the s/d/p. She said oh no you won't actually GET s/d/premium as it comes off the amount you would have got for pension credit. WHAAAAAT, SO I GET 25-00 and lose 162-00, yes once your awarded s/d/p it is taken into account as income for pension credit purposes, I was stunned and asked what is the point of me claiming pension credits if it costs me the whole of my s/d/p?? Can some one PLEASE TELL ME can I withdraw my claim for pension credit in order to get the full amount of severe disability premium. HELLLLLLP. 2411


  • CockneyRebel
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    Hi 2411 and welcome

    this can be complicated so I would advise f2f with CAB or similar. One of the advisors here may be able to help but some are taking a break

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • Chaoskay
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    Hi @2411
    I wish I could help with your query, but I'm not able to advise you about entitlements as I'm not considered 'disabled enough' to even try and get them, so I'm a tad useless.
    I do want to say hi though and welcome to the forums.  Looking forward to seeing your posts and I'm sure someone will be able to help you out.  All the best, K
  • 2411
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    Hi chaoskay, thanks for your welcome message, all the very best for your new year.many thanks, 2411
  • 2411
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    Hi cockney rebel, thanks for a warm welcome . I still can't resolve this issue, think I'll need a f2f with cab or the like, as you say, it is VERY complicated. Many thanks 2411.
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    Hi @2411

    Welcome to the community, I have moved your post to the Ask a Benefits Advisor category where I hope you might get some help.

    I think a meeting with CAB would be useful too!! You could also try calling our Scope helpline on 0808 800 3333.
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  • BenefitsTrainingCo
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    Hi 2411,

    I am sorry for the delayed response to your query.
    Severe Disability Premium forms part of the Pension Credit calculation. It is an amount additional to your personal allowance when the DWP look at whether you are entitled to any help. There is no point in withdrawing your Pension Credit claim to get the SDP because the SDP is part of Pension Credit.
    A severe disability premium is an amount of 62.45. If you claim Pension Credit and you are entitled to SDP it will be part of the amount that the government says you need to live on. If you have income such as a State Pension and any private pensions, this income will come off the amount that the government says you need to live on, and if your income is less than that's what your Pension Credit will be. It is very possible that even including the 62.45 SDP as part of the calculation, you may only be entitled to 25.00 a week once they've taken off your pension income.
    It's hard to explain it any clearer than that without showing you on the paperwork, but please post again if you need any further explanation.

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  • 2411
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    Thank you for your very detailed break down of my query regarding  s/ d/a. I wish the operators of the d.w.p. Helpline had the ability to explain what I had asked so clearly as you have. Many thanks, regards, 2411


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