Mental health issues
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lavenderlavender Member Posts: 29 Connected
Living alone with long standing mental health problems can someone please give me advise on how to gain and maintain strong mental strength , I'm dealing alone with two cruel neighbours constantly playing and changing their Mind Games against me?
               Thank You All.


  • Neil2017Neil2017 Member Posts: 156 Courageous
    Hi @lavender
    Sorry to hear you have bad neighbours.

    if you can’t move property or home in anyway I would suggest keeping away from them as much as possible. Go out for a walk to destress but try not to go at the same time every time you go to give fuel to a regular routine to your neighbours.

    Have you you read this page on mental health:

    Also trying to record or think of positive things you have done or achieved even if it is small stuff.

    If any problems persist like noise produced from playing loud music or tghetv to loud or they keep coming around at akward times like the middle of the night, it may be worth keeping a diary of when it happens and then reporting it to the local council or even the police.

    Hope this helps. Keep pisitive
  • lavenderlavender Member Posts: 29 Connected
    Neil 2017, When one is as i would call it " Contained and confinde to a mental bodily straight jacket" one can not always think rationally i take great comfort from all you said and reccommended bless you. In times of lucdity i think is it me , or are them that are in the greater need ?
    A VERY Happy new year Neil to you and all your loved ones.
  • Neil2017Neil2017 Member Posts: 156 Courageous
    Hi @lavender
    Good to hear back from you. They do say that a problem shared is a problem halved. But anyway just posting on here may help you even if only slightly. I am by far no expert and you may get more comments or may want phone the Scope helpline in the new year.

    A happy new year to you to and hope things improve for you.
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  • lavenderlavender Member Posts: 29 Connected
    Thank you Danny ; Please in your darkest moments was there a single thing you did that worked for you ?
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  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @lavender Sorry for what you are going through.  I am very much aware of this situation.  Moved five times in twenty years.  This is hurting and you have been given some good tips and advice from our community.  I understand the problems having been there.  It is possible looking at moving.  Having bad neighbours I am concerned for your well being.  I know it is a difficult one to ask.  I would also speak to some one in the council or housing ass.  Keep diary, record.  Noise is the big factor.  Had neighbour those dogs constantly barking all day and night.  Asked politely with a letter but ignored it.  Ended up speaking to council.  No success.  Had to move.  I can not advise you on mental strength because it will effect yourself.  I tried to be strong and stand up for myself.   it is not easy.  The end result is you want peace and quiet but it is a form of bullying that is what is really happening.  I want to send a message of support and pray and hope for a solution.
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  • madambutterfly_1madambutterfly_1 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Hi Lavender
    I have been where you are at the moment  I lived in two  flats ,3 tenants made my life a misery the noise was   atrocious that one day I just flipped I have SPD I don't like noise any way as I said what my husband tells me I put my trainers on grabbed a hammer and went out side the police was called by my daughter for my own protection I ended up in the cells being watched suicide watch to cut story short my housing accosiation  wanted my tency back I said you can have it back gift rapped tthen upstairs  kept knocking on door when they were no supposed to we even had a recorder in that failed so the housing gave us points to help us move well a few months after and after ring council the very next day we had a offer of a house we took it,
    What I am trying to say  is never give up talk to the news paper go to your mp get a letter from your GP CPN to help you move 
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