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Access to Education for Retired People

Jazzguitar Member Posts: 180 Courageous
In Plymouth Dev? 


  • feir
    feir Member Posts: 395 Pioneering
    what sort of education? only maths and english GCSE courses tend to be free, everything else will likely cost you. colleges will be happy talking to you about this though and about the courses you're interested in. you can call them for an appointment to discuss stuff and no pressure to sign up for anything. they'll probably have a wide variety of vocational and hobby courses available, as well as some educational ones. and they'll have night classes as well as during school hours.

    i do online courses for free and don't pay for the certificate at the end of the course (but i screenshot my results to prove i have passed) they cost nothing and ask for donations only and there's a good variety of science courses online.

    one of the courses i did earlier this year had been cancelled at the college i went to (lack of interest from anyone else) it would've only cost me £40 to take it at college but i did it for free online, which was nice. :)
  • Jazzguitar
    Jazzguitar Member Posts: 180 Courageous
    Thank you. I am interested in courses in Social Work, playing Guitar, \dementia. Neville Pearson in Plymouth Devon
  • feir
    feir Member Posts: 395 Pioneering
    thanks. ok there are music schools and tutors in your area that do guitar lessons, so you wouldn't even need to find a college if you wanted. and i can't find a college doing them so you might have to.

    i've found the perfect course for your dementia and social care but it costs: £6950 and it doesn't start until sept of this year.

    at least the entry requirements seem good:

    We welcome applications from those who have one or more of the following:

    • 48 UCAS tariff points
    • four GCSEs at grade 4 (C) or above, to include English and maths

    or alternatively:

    • equivalent qualifications
    • relevant work experience (minimum or six hours per week).

    Should entry requirements not be met, individual cases will be considered.

    hope it's ok to post links on the forums here but that is the page for that course if you'd like to view it. if you google colleges in your area and then search on their websites using only the word dementia you may be able find other courses. that is all i did to find that one.

  • Neil2017
    Neil2017 Member Posts: 155 Courageous
    Hi @Jazzguitar
    You can find online courses here at a website called Alison. The courses used to be free, the snag being that if you want a certificate on completion you have to pay for it.

    Otherwise going to your local college for evening classes.
  • Jazzguitar
    Jazzguitar Member Posts: 180 Courageous
    Many thanks. Neville in Plymouth Devon
  • Jazzguitar
    Jazzguitar Member Posts: 180 Courageous
    It seems very expensive while living on a small pension. I am a Qualified Social Worker for Adults With Learning Disabilities. Retired now. I will try the aloson site. Thank you Neville


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