Hi, my name is cazza2265!

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Hi just had my renewal for pip and very anxious as how to fill in.. if I put no changes they probably take me off ? I’m on enhanced for both wish I had my original form what filledim 3 years ago to remind me.
any advice 


  • CockneyRebel
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    Hi cazza and welcome

    Treat the renewal form like a new claim send in all evidence even if it is the same as before. If you can get any new evidence then send that as well.

    If you tick that things are harder or easier then you can expect a f2f. even if you tick no change yu may still have f2f

    try taking the B&W self test as a reminder of the pointssystem, descriptors and criteria



  • steve51
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    Hi @cazza2265

    A very very big welcome to you this afternoon.

    We have got lots of info on the pip benefit.

    There is also a pip assessment form on our site which I would be more than happy in helping you do ???

    This would be a good idea before you fill in the “real thing “
  • cazza2265
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    Aww bless you that be lovely x