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Hi, my name is amyangelfish!

amyangelfish Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hi I wondered if you could help me.  My daughter has recently started at a residential school.  At the same time I had to apply for PIP as she is now 16.  We have been awarded enhanced level of care, but no mobility which I am contesting.  PIP have also told us that she cannot have any PIP money because she is in a residential school.  I will have to claim back the money for holidays and every weekend that she is home for the Care component of PIP.  Is this correct?  Also if I manage to get them topay the mobility component, which quite frankly they should, does she get to keep this bit?  I read a ruling from 2013 that the mobility component was not affected by being in a care home or residentail school but wondered if any other laws have been passed to supersede this?  Has anyone had any luck appealing the mobility decsion, or the decsion to take her care component away because of the rsidential school factor?  Thanks


  • CockneyRebel
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    I believe this situation is the same as a person going into residential care.
    While your daughter is in school, the school will be providing the care component so no payment will be made.
    When your daughter is not at school the care component should be paid and will have to be claimed back.
    The mobility component, if your daughter meets the criteria, should be paid whether in school or not as her mobility needs remain the same at all times

    DLA and PIp use different criteria for awards. Have a look at the B&W self test for the mobility criteria, points and descriptors.



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  • amyangelfish
    amyangelfish Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Yep that's basically what I thought, although they do have to pay the care component for any time she spends at home. I have appealed the mobility decision. I actually down loaded a very useful leaflet which explained how all the questions scored points wise scored for mobility sections and care so have reiterated that in a letter. Will see what happens! I just wasn't sure if she still got the mobility bit  or if this had been changed. The ruling I found was dated 2013 and said that she would still get it, but wasn't sure if this was up to date. Thank you!


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