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    Hello @Victoriad Thank you for reply.  Just been into town for a shop today.  I never heard of this Paleo Diet.  Book on this diet.  I already do a lot of this.  Mediterranean food.  Little meat, fish, vegetables, herbs and spices.  Now I know on the right tack.  Been doing this since I left home in the 1990s.  Any way yes do a discussion on recipe ideas.  I am sure the wonderful people at SCOPE will be interested.  Notice on the forum a guy called the shaky chef.  Good ideas.  He believed done a cook book.  Be great to look forward what every one contributes.  Thank you for the information on the new style of slow cookers.  I agree I will stick to my own slow cookers and equipment.  Trying to replace some of it.  Costing too much.  Nothing ever lasts.  Nice to talk to you and take care.
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    I cooked a chilli in my slow cooker when I had a friend over for dinned on Boxing Day. She thought it was lovely but was surprised by the way I cooked it. I used to love to cook but do so vary rarely now, just causes too many problems. On bad days I pick, if I eat at all, from a few bits and pieces I keep about. Generally though I never manage more than 2 or 3 cooked meals a week. However, now I am going back to the centre, it guarantees 1 or 2 decent meals a week. Mostly though, food is just too much to bother with.

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