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Tarpuk4 Member Posts: 34 Connected
I have fibromyalgia and IBS and arthralgia with nerve pain. Due to my medications I have found I'm putting on weight and I need to address this situation before I fall in the high risk category of diabetes. 
My body and joints are very stiff and due to a back operation I have limited range of movement. Nerve damage was caused to my left leg and foot and after several bouts of sciatica it has worsened. I'm now waiting for a foot splint to be fitted in February. 
I have found I'm wanting chocolate quite alot and I was never a big chocolate eater!
I need some advice on eating and some kind of exercise which is suitable for me.
Thankyou .


  • melaniethorley
    melaniethorley Member Posts: 138 Pioneering

    Good morning Tarpuk4. I also have fibro and have had it for 30 years plus. and I am much better than I was a few years ago. I manage my illness well which includes a sauna and Jacuzzi 3 times per week and only working 3 days a week. If I stick to this, I only need morphine about twice a week. I also go swimming occasionally which is particularly good for fibro as the exercise is non-weight bearing. Some GPs will write a prescription for you to access health suites to manage chronic pain.

    hope this helps


  • Tarpuk4
    Tarpuk4 Member Posts: 34 Connected
    Hi all I now have my foot splint and special wide fitting velcro shoes and have been assessed for a walking stick because I kept falling over. These have helped except now my ankle is turning inwards so need a new built-up shoe apparently with the metal splint attached to the shoe. Will need operating on at some stage but due to neurological nerve damage my consultant is reluctant to operate because of poor healing which could mean I'd need my leg amputated to my knee. Not a nice thought! Also on medical grounds ive had to leave my job as I'm not fit to work my role anymore.


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