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Pip assessment

cher77cher77 Member Posts: 95 Courageous
Hi all been receiving pip for last 2 years got awarded enhanced for daily living and mobility in December last year had to go for another assessment anyway the interviewer lied said I was able to do a full frontal bend when I was sat on my mobility scooter i was in that much pain due to slipped disc degeneration disc bulging disc and pain also pain in my hips back legs and bum sciatica she said I was able to lift my arms and had a good grip when I told her I couldn't do any excersises also recently diagnosed with diabetes and having tests done on my heart have high blood pressure anyway got my award letter and only been awarded standard daily living but enhanced for mobility she made me feel like a liar my husband who is my full time carer got told he couldn't answer anything I was being asked I was that high in drugs was upset I couldn't answer her questions I kept asking her to repeat her questions she was asking said I read with no problems when she didn't ask me read anything she said I had good memory when my memory never got tested she said just make a number up some of the questions she kept repeating also said I never showed any signs of anxiety when in fact I was in agony in pain which made me cry all the way through my assessment my medications are naproxen pregablin metformin codeine amytriptylene to include some of them I've asked for a mandatory which means for them to look at all my notes medication also my occupational therapist say I need to move into an adapted house with stair lift and wet room as I struggle with the stairs sorry for going on just need some advice thanks


  • millierosies1972millierosies1972 Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Cant handle due my anxiety  got do a appeal  only got 6 points hot collagenouous colitis  i am incontinence  suffer anxiety and depression   cant eat or sleep for worry 
  • sue66sue66 Member Posts: 124 Pioneering
    Cher77 im not qualified to advice you, hubby was given standard rate for both mobility and care, where as he had high on DLA, he is in constant pain 24 7  but we decided not to challenge this as couldn't risk  losing what he had been given. This is what concerns us both that a person can see a different assessor next time and the awards can change even though our circumstances remain the same or even worse.   
    So many are finding the same experience and yet nothing is being done about this, WHY?  We all know its not what we have but the way what we have affects us so how can one get such different results next assessment even though we answer the questions the same as before!
    So much time wasted, so many being put under needless stress and anxiety all because some assessors lie.  The solution is simple, should be recorded both visually and sound wise for evidence. This isn't being done, again WHY?  
    Its as though no one out there is listening or even cares, why employ people that lie or are they being told to do this very thing i wonder. Ive read its about getting people off benefits and back to work. Clearly most cases are not fit for work and i so much feel for those who are of a working age, in pain or coping with some other disability and are told they are fit for work, have all the added stress of getting to JSA and after they have lost their cars as well.  oh and then sanctioned if they turn up late after struggling to get there.  
    Im still waiting for my brown envelope to invite me to apply for PIP and im dreading it.
    Hope you get the answers and the help you so much clearly deserve as we all do.
  • sue66sue66 Member Posts: 124 Pioneering
    Cant handle due my anxiety  got do a appeal  only got 6 points hot collagenouous colitis  i am incontinence  suffer anxiety and depression   cant eat or sleep for worry 
    millierosies1972  im so sorry too for all your suffering, read my reply  to Cher77
  • cher77cher77 Member Posts: 95 Courageous
    Thank you all for replying means so much to me I've now made a formal complaint sent a letter i just feel ashamed it's not about the money it's the fact that she lied about me and my disability it's true nothing is getting done about how we all get treated in an assessment this so far as been the most stressful thing i have had to endure I'm no liar and tried to answer her questions the best i could but my husband was unhappy as the way he got told to shut up as i couldn't understand her way of her questions I'm constantly in pain don't sleep have no social life feel degraded I'm that bad at the moment 3 more slipped disc so in mega pain but thank you all for replying x
  • cher77cher77 Member Posts: 95 Courageous
    Also suffer incontinence and will do for rest of my life there's no operation I can have as it's degenerative disc so will just get worse along with the constant back pain have pain everywhere from my halfway up my back to down to toes get numbness pins and needles have had falls due to legs giving in but to be told at my assessment that I've done excersises and showed no signs of anxiety she never even took notes and when couldn't ask answer her she said just pick a number 
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