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Disabled Driving in The Media - New Crazy Idea

Ok, so I am tooting my own horn here, (get it), but I got fed up with the lack of representation of the disabled driver in the modern media- especially in the UK. 

It's like we don't exist and it makes me really angry.

So, as an experienced writer and part time activist I have decided to do something about it. I thought I would start a website with a list of good driving journey's, locations, news and car reviews - all aimed towards the disabled driver and from a disabled drivers point of view. I thought I would start a Blog and a Vlog too. It should officially launch sometime between now and March.

If anyone thinks this is a good / bad idea then please discuss as I would genuinely like to know your feelings on this matter. The more input I have then the more chance of tailoring this correctly and covering the right subjects.

The website is just a place holder with a bit of an explanation at the moment, but it is at the address www.manstickcar.com and will be updated regularly after it has moved to its new location. 

Please, if you have anything to add, I would be grateful for your point of view.



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