Mental health issues
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Various mental health issues

SandraDawn50SandraDawn50 Member Posts: 4 Listener
edited January 2018 in Mental health issues
hi I suffer from bipolar disorder/manic depression
Severe anxiety/panic attacks
Agraphobia,& phycosis
I have a cpn nurse who visits me at my home but I find her not offering me much support and only comes every three weeks I don't feel very able to talk to her as she isn't really listening to what I'm saying ,she now says because I don't keep ringing and wanting her she feels that she will be discharging me from her care ..and issuing me a support worker who will spend six weeks working with me getting me out and about and joining a club for.people with same condition and to sort my anxiety.
I am completely terrified I can't leave the house without company if at all social situatios I can't face ,I am physically sick two to three times before going out when I do leave home if I manage to leave.
And some days I just won't even get out of bed 
I don't want them to make me do this in really scared now and afraid.they r going to ring or come around 
Please help


  • bevt2017bevt2017 Member Posts: 353 Pioneering
    Hi @SandraDawn50
    Good morning and welcome.
    I'm so sorry your going through a difficult time.
    I do hope someone can give you some help and advice? 
    I've suffered with depression since I was 11 yrs old I'm 44 now.
    I also suffer with anxiety, stress and panic attacks. 
    I'm profoundly deaf, and have to use a wheelchair when I go out.
    I hate leaving my home, it's my safe place.
    But when i do, I feel very frightened and vonrable.
    I wear a hat now so people can't see me.
    My husband makes me go out of the house, maybe 1/2 days a week. He says if i dont go out, I may never leave the house again.
    Do you have family or friends to help you?
    I really do hope you get the help you need.
    I wish you all the best
  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @SandraDawn50 How are you ?  This is a message of support and hope you get the advice and try to cope the best you can.  I understand your situation an this is extremely distressing for you I know that.

    One of the problems in mental health is the system.  I have mental health issues and a disability.  This is about you and what do want from mental health services that are provided.  You I would suggest need to speak to some one.  Whether your GP or some one else could be SCOPE advisors.

    Please can I also say I had a similar experience and have had to try to cope best way I could.  You stress that the CPN is not listening I am sorry that I am afraid does happen.  It happened to me.  What you need is reassurance and it again what do wish to happen with your mental health.

    I am not here with a solution and I have many experiences being with many mental health charities.  I am sorry but that is the truth.  The truth is you are feeling, depressed, vulnerable, emotional making your self ill and worse.  Yes I know all this.   I am like this you are not alone. As others are in the community.

    Unfortunately the mental health system is catered at the end of the day to try to give you some stability and confidence.  Plus independence, coping the best you can with what you are going through.  Imagine this if you can where would like to be tomorrow or today if I asked you.  Also think of this if you can the other people in the support group who you might have to meet will be all like yourself and suffering the same.

    I had this when I was discharged by my CPN a long time ago.  I was totally stunned and shocked.  Having to leave the calm and serenity and support of my house.  The support I got from my rehab staff.  Just come out of addiction clinic.  I had no friends or family.  That was eleven years ago.   Then I had to get help and support from various groups, mental health charities, council social workers.  This on going and you have try to do much as you can to try to help yourself.  No one wishes to run your life for you but I know as I have been there.  Small Steps you have to try it is painful and I feel the pain.

    Please can I also say this this is not meant to be harsh or blunt or to hurt you.  You must recognise the system is over stretched.  The staff work extremely hard and long hours.  My last support worker started at 8.30 am and I have received E-Mails around nearly nine at night.  May have anything from 15 clients to see at any time plus more than that.  That's from Monday to Friday.    Please be aware they are trying to help you.  If you felt you were treated badly feel free to make a complaint.

    Please can I also add that because they are over stretched they have to make very difficult decisions to decide who gets the best care and the needs.  Due to funding and budget cuts.  I am sorry I have to tell you all this but this is what happening.  This what the system is.

     I am hoping and praying you will be OK and understand the problems and issues.  Please take care nice to talk to you.
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 128 Courageous
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  • RebeccaMHadvisorRebeccaMHadvisor Member Posts: 99 Courageous

    Hi @SandraDawn50

    Welcome to the community. I can hear that you are really struggling at the moment and the support that you need and deserve does not appear to be present. I am sorry that you don’t feel listened to by your CPN and as @thespiceman has said, it does happen. Unfortunately mental health provision in the UK is not what it needs to be and it can be very difficult to be assigned a different CPN.

    I think the first step would be trying to get your point of view across to her. If you feel that she isn’t listening then perhaps a letter or an email might work better and explain this to her.

    I am wondering if you have also tried to talk to your GP about how you feel about the support you are receiving?

    I can understand you fear around her suggestion and I think that perhaps the thought of this is leading to an increased anxiety and this is not helping your mental health.

    There is some information on the NHS website about treatment that you may find helpful

  • cashiecashie Member Posts: 2 Listener
    I suffer with stress and anxiety+ depression.l have suffered since l was young. But now find it really hard to talk to the doctors about they keep trying to get me into group sessions which have men in them.lve had a lot off trauma and feel fear when there are men around.
  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @cashie Pleased to meet you Welcome.  Sorry you are going through this at the moment.

    I have anxiety and depression.

    You have a right to choose treatment.  Please if the Doctor is not helping or advising.  Please find advocacy services to speak on your behalf.

    I appointed advocate to represent me.  First meeting got what I required for my mental health needs.

    I joined a mental health charity where the ladies out number the gentlemen.

    This was not easy.  At first and I found it some times differcult to cope with.

    I would suggest talking to possibly SCOPE advisors about any support they could give you.

    I hope you find what you need.

    Take care
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    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
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  • cashiecashie Member Posts: 2 Listener
    It took a lot to even write it down.l am in a bleak place at the moment.and finding it hard to pull myself out off it.
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  • RebeccaMHadvisorRebeccaMHadvisor Member Posts: 99 Courageous
    Hi @cashie

    I think that the advice that @thespiceman and @Victoriad have given is great advice.

    The mental health services are stretched and sometimes GPs make referrals to services and it seems they are not thinking about what services might be best for their patients. I chat with a lot of people who just don't feel listened to. If group sessions are not right for you then it is important that you push that back to your GP. Having those conversations can be very difficult but the advocacy services that have been mentioned understand this and understand how to best help you.


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