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Pip motability back pay

Julessarahthompson Member Posts: 25 Connected
edited January 2018 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Good Evening, 

I have a quick question.

We recieved a call on friday morning, my dad's appeal was supposed to be Friday afternoon.  
The panel had overturned the DWP decision and awarded my dad his original award of enhanced for both.

My question is we have spoken to motability today to discuss next steps etc and they have now told us my dad owes them a months worth of money as he is due back pay. 

Can anyone explain this further? 

Regards Jules 


  • peasgood3
    peasgood3 Member Posts: 9 Listener
    We have just won our appeal as well and will and the tribunal decided that we should be granted the enhanced rate from the date our PIP started, which was back last September!

    Our experience -

    When the DWP first made their decision to reduce to standard from enhanced our our motability had an end date, because we did not hand the car back it moved over to the transitional arrangments - with an extra 26 weeks (as we had DLA before 2013) and this 26 weeks is due to end for us within the next month.

    My guess is that the Motability payments are paid from that transitional money, but when you win your case it's as though the transitional thing is nul and void, so in effect you "owe" them for the period that should have been paid directly by the DWP to them.

    From what I've read (and I'm not an expert) - it seams that motability can request this money. I dont' actually know how it will work but my thought is

    If YOU receive the back pay, then you can pay Motability from that and you won't be any worse for it OR
    it may be that the DWP pay motabilty directly and your are still none the worse for it.

    I don't know which will apply as we have only just begun this process today.

    My hope is that Motability do wait until you do get your back pay but I don't know this for sure, maybe someone who has already gone through this can help us.

    I hope my thoughts give you some peace of mind.
  • Julessarahthompson
    Julessarahthompson Member Posts: 25 Connected
    See this is what has confused us as my dad was already on pip and had his money reduced in August car went back a couple of weeks later as directed by motability. So we never got a transitional payment as he had already transitioned to pip 3 years prior. 

    I'm going to call them directvmyaelf and get them to explain it to me as I think my parents are getting confused 

    Thankyou for your reply 
  • peasgood3
    peasgood3 Member Posts: 9 Listener
    Sorry didn't realise he was already on PIP - so your case is different.

    Do let us know what they say - it may help others in the same position as you.


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