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JulieMcKay72 Member Posts: 4 Listener
edited February 2018 in Education
Hi I am asking this question as the school my son goes to is good at what they have done for him and things in place are helping.   He will be losing his high dependency funding in march this year and I am wondering, if I should go for a EHCP for him as I have gotten two very confusing paediatricians results as he hasn't or he has got ADHD (concentration one apparently) and possible ASD pathway (which we are awaiting at this time).  Do I go ahead when the senco manager as I am concerned to say that they overjoyed in the air when I told her the results from the doctor that said he has when twelve months ago was told he didn't .  As you can see why I am very confused with where to go and isn't happy that every doctor we have seen have been different every single meeting we have had  Please could you help and advise me really where to go?  down the road to statment or not really....



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