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Mandatory decision

alisha22alisha22 Member Posts: 317 Pioneering
Hello it's been nearly 4 weeks and still waiting for the mandatory decision from the dwp, is this a normal waiting time? Also after scoring 0 points from the lies capita told, I since sent a high support letter and a letter from my physio, does anyone think this may help or will they stick with the lies.


  • alisha22alisha22 Member Posts: 317 Pioneering
    Sorry I meant  a gp support letter also. Mis spelt 
  • MatildaMatilda Member Posts: 2,616 Disability Gamechanger
    4 weeks is average but waits can be longer.  Phone DWP for an update.  
  • cher77cher77 Member Posts: 95 Courageous
    Hi @alisha22 I've just received my mandatory decision and failed so I'm going ahead with tribunal as my assessor lied completely was like reading about someone else i was on enhanced on both but after f2f only got standard daily but enhanced mobility it's not about the money it's the fact she lied and made things up she wouldn't let my husband talk he got told to shut up I hope it goes in your favour as it's very stressful waiting got my decision after 3 and half weeks x
  • alisha22alisha22 Member Posts: 317 Pioneering
    I'm sorry cher77 to hear you failed. Can I ask after how long you got your decision and what extra evidence you sent to support your claim. Please don't give up, you and many others have been treated badly by these so called assesssors. Mine from capita lied and lied as well as conteadicting herself which I mentioned to dwp and made a complaint against her. I know it's stressful trust me the waiting is killing me.
  • YuffieGYuffieG Member Posts: 10 Connected
    The assessor I saw said that I had told them that prior to the assessment I had purchased my crutches from a mobility shop and that I didn’t really need them, said they looked brand new and I’d had them for nearly two years. YI sent in proof to the tribunal regarding this and I think this helped me to win (among other evidence I was able to supply) my appeal. If it goes to tribunal, because they’re not part of DWP, then it’s likely that they’ll see through the assessors lies anyway which I think will work to your favour.

    There were many times during the long stressful wait that I wanted to give up but don’t, DWP want you to do that and hope that you’ll just not bother. The system is unjust and ridiculous and I blame the government for this - just because they want to “reduce the amount of people on benefit” it’s always the people that are genuine that suffer...
  • MatildaMatilda Member Posts: 2,616 Disability Gamechanger
    Assessment companies are not managing to get a 'sufficient' number of claimants off PIP to the DWP's satisfaction so assessors are resorting to telling ever more blatant, and ridiculous, lies to deny them points.  Tribunals must be well aware by now that many assessors' lies are easy to disprove as they are evidently so pathetically untrue - therefore tribunals are increasingly sceptical of assessment reports.

    Tribunal panels are impartial, ask their own questions and often are little influenced by assessment reports.  I went to tribunal and had my award increased to enhanced both elements from standard both elements.  The assessor's one blatant lie and series of half-truths must have undermined the DWP's case and helped me win.

    So, as long as you are confident that your current award is 'safe' from reduction or removal, it's worth going to tribunal.
  • cher77cher77 Member Posts: 95 Courageous
    Hi @Matilda hi @YuffieG hi @alisha22 was on enhanced fot both until the assessment then got standard daily but still enhanced mobility as my disabilities got worse so had an assessment last year that's when i was awarded enhanced for both and I'm a lot worse now and can't believe I've only been awarded standard daily because of my f2f assessment lies and intimidating ways anyway failed the mandatory as i didn't have enough time to send all my medical evidence so made sure I dug everything out like letter from occupational therapist saying i need to move house into an adaptive one stair lift wet room ect also from specialist from Salford as been told now no op will fix my disabilities and every other bit of evidence i had sent it all off for tribunal sent it recorded so they can't say they haven't received it they received it yesterday so not sure how long it will be before i hear anything very stressful and stressed but these assessors can't keep telling lies and being off hand made a complaint about my assessor won't get me know where but they can't get away with messing with people's life's and emotions 
  • Pippa_ScopePippa_Scope Member Posts: 5,856 Disability Gamechanger
    Sorry to hear the process has been so stressful for you @cher77, do keep us updated and let us know when you hear back. Fingers crossed that it's as soon as possible for you!
  • alisha22alisha22 Member Posts: 317 Pioneering
    Hi all, just spoke to dwp and was told no decision made I'm looking at another 3 weeks just in case I'm sending further evidence etc etc, I said I've sent everything so he said notes are put on system. It's already been 6 weeks almost so guys is this really the time scale, so frustrating that they just keeping us hanging. I've sent support letter from my gp and my physio wrote one also, only hoping they accept them but recently I've heard stories they rarely change at this stage. Oh well another frustrating couple of weeks to endure yet. Happy days.
  • cher77cher77 Member Posts: 95 Courageous
  • alisha22alisha22 Member Posts: 317 Pioneering
    I hope it goes well for you cher77 we should not have to stress even more than we already do. I only hope the government do something quick especially about these lying assessors that make life difficult for us. Don't give up 
  • alisha22alisha22 Member Posts: 317 Pioneering
    Hi all, finally got the brown envelope today and as I thought I got 0 points again for my mandatory decision, it seems no gp letter nor the physio letters and other evidence was considered. I got the same letter I got before the MR stage, so they stuck with the assessor's lies. I will continue with my  fight and go to the next stage. I need to know what I have to send apart from the MR decision letter, further evidence, and where to send. Please advise thanks.
  • alisha22alisha22 Member Posts: 317 Pioneering
    Can someone help as I don't have a printer so where can I get the sscs1 form for pip appeal from please. 
  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 5,392 Disability Gamechanger
    You can currently only get it online in theory. Jobcentres used to hold a stock when it was a GL 24 but nowadays they don't. 

    There is nothing to stop you using the questions in the SSCS1 form to handwrite your own version. However, you'd be best advised to get it completed and printed off at a library or get yourself a representative who will assess your case and possibly complete the form if they think there's a winnable case. 
  • alisha22alisha22 Member Posts: 317 Pioneering
    Thanks mikehughes, I will  do just that, once again a long winded process.
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