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Jacquilloyd1 Member Posts: 4 Connected
Cant beleive the lies examiner told.    Important letters sent in  to  sent into Pip went missing. Now letters sent to tribunal by pip, 'are as evidence' are smeared and unreadable . When I  asked why?  PIP said 'We cant photo copy ,photo copied letters'  I explained they lost Doctors and hospital letters they said 'well we have not got them' Yet my NI was sent in with letters sent by hospital ?


  • sue66
    sue66 Member Posts: 124 Pioneering
    Jacquilloyd1   im not qualified to answer you but this sort of thing simply needs to have something done about it.  This is totally unacceptable and how frustrating and cruel to those on the receiving end.  Makes my blood boil.  Yours sadly isn't the first and will no means be the last until something or someone looks into this. How can people lie like this and sleep at night knowing they are literally playing with peoples lives.. Its outrageous that's what it is. Hopefully  and im sure you will get some good advice on how to deal with this.  
  • debsidoo
    debsidoo Member Posts: 325 Pioneering
    Hi Jacquilloyd1
    You could send a covering letter to tribunal explaining that DWP have lost the original medical notes you sent through and therefore the copies they have been sent are photocopies of photocopies.
    If they are unreadable you may ask for copies from your GP be resent.

  • Jacquilloyd1
    Jacquilloyd1 Member Posts: 4 Connected
    Thankyou for replying Sue and debsidoo like others im worried sick as ive a broken back in two places and had spine bones taken out ., the examiner said ' I could touch my toes and walk ok ; still cant believe it.   we have now have three different addresses to send more evidence. PIp have lost one lot of Doctors letters so got another one but they photocopied it and said it is all smudged when they sent it to tribunal . Lucky ive kept the second original . Today have found out they have left out my back problems but just sent in all my other conditions to tribunal. The Red cross discovered this.  What the hell are they doing , is this done on purpose or im I going mad. My friend has now photo copied everything and taking it to M. P. tomorrow.
  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,413 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello all, Be Warned, photo copy any evidence letters medical reports ect that you send to DWP and take copies to your accessment and asking your accessor have they got the relevant papers you sent in with your applecation, check they have the same ones that you have if not they should be able to copy at the Center.
  • Jacquilloyd1
    Jacquilloyd1 Member Posts: 4 Connected
    The copies from centre came back from pip all black and smudged 36 pages they said they cant photocopy photo copies
  • debweb07
    debweb07 Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Well totally understand your frustration happen to me three times now so I am hoping it does go tribunal so can show just how bad I actually am 
  • sharon22
    sharon22 Member Posts: 1 Listener
    Hello I'm due to go to my tribunal hopefully for the next month or two the court ask for my medical records which I'm over the moon as my Pip assessment was all lies from start to finish the assessor said completely different to what I had said in my face to face i suffer from rheumatoid arthritis Crohn's disease ulcerative colitis and sjogren's Syndrome I had been on for DLA for 23 years then had reapply for Pip I was on DLA and care for indefinite I got my Pip assessment and thought I would least get some points I got the letter opened it and was shocked that I got no points I got my bundle from the DWP a few weeks ago but today I've got the actual report of my face to face it's unreadable I can't make out the writing and the writing  I can work out it's full of Lies has anyone else come across unreadable statements my bundle was also blurred out with photographs of my endoscopy and swelling of joints I feel as though they do this to stop the court from seeing the actual problems I'm worried because I can't read most of the statement I can't find out the rest of the lies and can't tell the courts the actual truth hopefully my medical records will prove to the tribunal that I am not lying about my difficulties and illnesses


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