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Pips award standard living and mobility from 14th February 2018 to 20th December 2020

marilynjane Member Posts: 10 Listener
Hi can anyone advise me I am a 63 year old paranoid Schizophrenic and I have just been awarded pips standard living and mobility rates from 14th February 2018 to 20th December 2020.  Is this the usual rates for someone with my condition/disability?  and does the time span the award has been given normal? And what do I claim for my disability after I reach 66 years retirement age? I understand you cannot apply for pips if you are over 65 years old?
I also do not know if I should ask for a mandatory reconsideration as my CPN told me the Pips standard rates are more or less the same as I was getting on the DLA middle care and lower mobility and by asking for a MR I could lose the pips award I have been given. Anyone help?


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  • Nystagmite
    Nystagmite Member Posts: 603 Pioneering
    It depends how it affects you, rather than the condition you have. You can only ask for it to be looked at again if you feel you meet the criteria for a higher ward rather than the money not being enough.

    Because you received PIP before you were 65, you can carry on getting it after as long as you meet the criteria.
  • marilynjane
    marilynjane Member Posts: 10 Listener
    Thank you Victoria's & Nystagmite for taking the trouble to pass on information and advice to me , it is very helpful and helps put my mind to rest. I have found this whole experience Capita Pips face to face assessment waiting for the DWP decision letter very stressful and cruel! I really pity the poor folk who have lost their disability benefits all thanks to Tory government, DWP, Capita, Atos plusthe Daily Mail and Sun Newspaper readers. Wicked and cruel people!
  • BenefitsTrainingCo
    BenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,628 Pioneering
    Hello marilynjane

    PIP is a points based system. The number of points a person receives depends on what descriptors apply.   A person is awarded standard rate PIP if they score 8 points and enhanced rate if they score 12 points. I have put a link below to the points scoring descriptors:


    If your current award was to be challenged then you would have to identify the extra points you think are applicable to you and lodge a Mandatory Reconsideration within 1 month of the date of the decision letter.  As detailed in the previous posts, when asking for your claim to be looked at again a decision maker can not only increase your award, they can also reduce it or take it away. 

    It is correct that (financially) DLA middle rate care is equivalent to standard daily of PIP and DLA low rate mobility is equivalent to standard mobility of PIP. 

    As detailed Nystagmit your PIP will continue beyond the age of 65 years.  As long as you still satisfy the PIP rules of entitlement you will remain entitled to PIP for the rest of your life.  The only restriction placed on you after 65/66 years of age is that you cannot move from standard to enhanced mobility, daily living is unaffected. 

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