Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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Hi, my name is Doreen54!......... Lies on my ESA Medical Assessment!!!

Doreen54Doreen54 Member Posts: 7 Listener
Just signed up as I used the site before when needing advice?  Firstly I am on PIP and ESA for my depression and alcohol dependent and numerous other mental problems.  Since the constant battle with the DWP over their decisions I am now dealing with another blower to add to my mental health issues!  Since having my medical report delivered today from my ESA medical assessment last December they have put me in the Work Capability Group from Support Group. I told them I want to put in a Mandatory Reconsideration whilst I gather evidence to support it?  Today I got the medical report stating why they gave me zero points based on what the Health Professional(NOT) put in the report.  After I read it it was lie after lie pages of it.  The DWP stated they will not accept a MR from may and decision does not change even though when I rang them they said they would with hold everything whilst I do my MR and gather evidence.  I broke down just reading the lies in the report to be then told I would after go to a Tribunal if I needed to appeal before my MR was sent in?  As I had my medical on 30th December, then on 8th Jan this year I got a letter stating I would need to attend the Jobcentre for work related interview.  This I could not understand so when I rang the DWP they said I had been put in the WRAG and I said you havent even sent me a letter telling me this so they said they would send the letter to me.  I still didnt receive it so I rang again and then I got a letter stating their decision last month and today I only received the actual medical report.  When I rang them to request my MR on 25th January which I recorded as evidence they said they would wait for my MR?  Can anyone tell me how they can do this and the fact that lies were put in the medical report that I NEVER said. Nothing was mentioned about my alcohol dependency but that I still was able to do work and attend the jobcentre interviews?  Please can you tell me what I can do? I have a GP appointment and counselling tomorrow morning and a CAB next week.  Thank you


  • steve51steve51 Member Posts: 7,175 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Doreen54

    It’s great to meet you today.

    I’m very very sorry to hear about your current situation.

    It’s good that you have got your appointments tomorrow.

    You can use these in your favour.

    Please please let them know about your current problems & see if they have any help /support to offer you?????

    We have got a number of “Benefit Advisors” on our site.

    I will forward your post onto them if that is ok????

    Hi @BenefitsTrainingCo
    Can you please offer me some help/advice with this post?????

    Many Thanks.

  • Doreen54Doreen54 Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hi Steve51 thank you for your reply.  Am at my wits end with how I have been treated am so sick and tired of fighting my corner. The lies said on the medical report was so degrading and untrue. How can we stop this happening to us over and over again. I even got my PIP lowered last year from enhanced to standard rate but I had no fight left in me as well as suicidal attempt last year they still consider me for work related activity. Many thanks.
  • steve51steve51 Member Posts: 7,175 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Doreen54

    That’s no problem at all I’m very happy in helping you with things.

    Unfortunatly your not on your own “Big Time” 

    Please please let me know if I can help you with????

    Please don’t feel “alone”  anymore!!!!!!

    We are all here to “help & support” each other !!!!!

  • Doreen54Doreen54 Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Thanks Steve51 Its not the first time they did this to me with their lies. Thankfully I won my appeal and went from zero points to 18 points. I will let you know how it goes and thanks again.  :):)
  • Han_SoloHan_Solo Member Posts: 114 Courageous
    When dealing with the DWP and its affiliates and have to go to a meeting, try having somebody with you as a witness.

    Once I had a neighbour present but introduced her as a legal representative for people with disabilities that will be monitoring this meeting. Having a third person there in a 'professional capacity' made them behave themselves and they never lied on any report since. 

    I have also taped meetings as back up, just in case they ever lied on any report.

    I am not encouraging anyone to do what I did, I am just explaining what I did to insure that I was never screwed over again.
  • steve51steve51 Member Posts: 7,175 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Doreen54

    That’s no probs it’s my pleasure!!!!

    Yes please please let me know how things go????

    Don’t forget that we are all here for “you”

  • jampotsjampots Member Posts: 2 Listener
    I also had a medical assessment and when I received the paperwork it was full of lies. 
    I took it to tribunal and still lost. 
  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Doreen54 I am sorry for what you are going through.  I understand and am like yourself have had problems with benefits.

    I have an addiction history plus mental problems with it plus a disability.  What seems to be happening is unfair and heart breaking.  I have myself been clean for eleven years but what people do not realise I could relapse at any given time.

    I stressed this at many of the interviews and assessments I had.  Also I fear for you at this moment.  This is about you and we as a community are here to listen and support you.

    May I suggest you seek the advice of advisors on here.  Also try to gather much evidence as possible.  Have some one be with you if that is possible.

    I hope you get the required out come.  Sending a message of support.  Take care.
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  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Doreen54, so sorry to hear about your current situation. Do keep us updated and let us know if we can assist you!
  • Doreen54Doreen54 Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Thank you I have just rang the DWP again today to ask them why they have sent me (Your Mandatory Reconsideration Notice letter) when I rang them to say am doing an MR and gathering evidence? The abrupt lady at DWP said they obviously havent notified the resolution team that I was gathering evidence and to withhold things.  Absolutely ridiculous it just causes my pain and suffering and am now drinking more than ever  :(:'(
  • Han_SoloHan_Solo Member Posts: 114 Courageous
    I am not going to preach but drink is not always the answer but I understand why people do it in times of great distress and despair. But overdoing it is not going to have you end up in a positive conclusion.

    It seems that you may have to find an advocate to liaise with them on your behalf, if they keep on being rude and abrupt with you, and also messing you about. Maybe your GP can recommend you to somebody or an organisation.

    They (DWP et al) do come across as bullies and may take easy satisfaction dealing with a vulnerable person in a disrespectful fashion. So you definitely need somebody fighting your corner, as it can be exhausting and soul-destroying.

    Good luck to you.
  • Doreen54Doreen54 Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Thanks I have a CAB appointment to help me with my MR
  • Han_SoloHan_Solo Member Posts: 114 Courageous
    Great stuff.

    But also look out for others that can assist, more the merrier I say.

    Also, each time you speak to somebody from the DWP, they say their name quickly. So ask them to repeat it and write it down. Even ask for the correct spelling to be sure. You are allowed to ask this.

    Then ask them to confirm which department they are from, as well as logging down the time of the phone call.

    This is all for your future records, but to also make them aware that you know their identity, so in any future complaints you can be specific of whom has disrespected you.

    It is too easy for them to be rude when they are unknown to you.

    Knowledge is power, I hope this helps.
  • Doreen54Doreen54 Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Yes I record all the calls I make as evidence with date, time and name just to refer back to if needed. Thanks :)
  • Han_SoloHan_Solo Member Posts: 114 Courageous
    My pleasure.

    Let us all know how you get on.

    Fingers crossed.

  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Doreen54 I would just like to say how are you?  I know it is not easy.  What I recognise is the alcohol dependency.  Having struggled for thirty years.

    I am concerned for your well being at the present time.  I am sure you know yourself it is a constant battle to stay off alcohol.  I have been their so many times.

    Please can I ask what support are you getting.  For me I can understand your difficulty.  It is small steps.

    I do know there is help for you out there and that is the choice only you can decide. 

    I have never advised another person who has an addiction history whether drink or drugs.  All I can do is that be there and say if you wish to go forward that is up to you.

    I can send a message to say I am here if you wish to talk and I will listen.

    Hardest thing ever was to come off alcohol and took 18 months in Rehab.  Having been a long term addiction history.

    Every day is still hard and I know being clean is the best thing ever.

    I hope to speak to you

    Prayers and take care

    Community Champion
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  • Doreen54Doreen54 Member Posts: 7 Listener
    edited February 2018
    Hi there, thanks for your support. My alcohol is not so extreme that I cant go without. I do have a bottle of wine or two rarely every other day. Depends on how am feeling and I have a diary of what and when I drink?  Since the loss of my husband its now become a dependency. I use to be a social drinker but now I drink alone in my home as I avoid pubs, dont like been around noisy people or even too many people as I panic fear! I try to have a two day rest and I drink loads of water every day, it is controlled which is better than it was. I used the alcohol services but it didnt work and I am now in the middle of counselling to try and move forward with my life due to several suicidal attempts. :'( Yet the DWP say am capable of work?  ha you really think so they must be bonkers!  >:) Ta and take care and well done you  :)
  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Doreen54 Pleased to hear from you.  I understand and well done to you to taking small steps.  Great doing diary and other things.  People who do not have addiction do not get us all.  Think it will go away and not bother us but it does.

    I said to a lad who wanted to give up smoking trying to avoid smoky areas.  Same with drinking.  First time went to a pub for ten years last year.  Anxiety set off and the support worker well you are doing well have a mock cocktail.  I just gave her a look.  Did not fully get it.

    We need to support each others I have a friend who works in the addiction centre where I live.  So that is my support always their for me.  Nearly relapsed last year through the DWP assessments.

    I had to thank god had a really good support from the mental health charity.  That helped me but always their.

    I am always on the forum so if you wish to have a chat how you are doing or need to get some thing you wish to chat.

    Lovely to meet you and thank you for kind words.

    You are in my prayers.
    Community Champion
    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 6,003 Disability Gamechanger

    It's not uncommon, given the backlog, that they'll plough through and make an MR decision because they've taken your contact as an MR request. I understand this as, in practical terms, they couldn't just record that someone was thinking about an MR for everyone who rang up. For future reference the better approach would be to not make contact until you have your evidence, or, go ahead without, because it gets you to the appeal stage that much quicker. m

    As you've now had an MR you can appeal and this is a good thing as it's the first time anyone independent of DWP will look at the case.

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