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ESA85 Medical Report (missing score sheet)

Received Medical Report today from my ESA f2f but there was no score sheet, do you have to request this separetly?  I thought they would just send it anyway with the report.


  • tomm
    tomm Member Posts: 284 Pioneering
    The ESA WCA report is known as ESA85 or ESA85A where no F2F wca took place Its a seperate form that is the LT54 /ESA56 that gives the DWP's DM's decision and the score sheet
    If you where awarded the SG (LCWRA) there may be no  descriptors scored for that But they score for the( LCW ) work related activity Group descriptors

    When i requested  mine i got the LT56 /ESA56 only no ESA85 (apart from a very old one,not related to my current esa claim) i have rang them told that because i had a home visit they would have to request it, nearly 3 weeks and still nothing from them i'm in the SG but only have the score sheet for the LCW  shedule 3 descripors that i scored points in  and that is the only thing mentioned in the DM's lt54 it doesn't show or confirm what descriptor got me the SG

    So it looks like i shall have to request my personal info (SAR)  from them  They have to comply with that and  within 40 days of them recieving my request
  • sleepy1
    sleepy1 Member Posts: 297 Pioneering
    Hi tomm
    Cheers for your reply, I had a f2f at the assessment centre and was put in the SG. The HCP report was very good in general so I have no complaint with them.

    I have just spoken with DWP who said there is no score sheet as such and it all depends who the DM is as to how much information they include in their report, I asked if I could have a copy of the DM report, she said I don't see why you would need that as your already in the support group anyway and it wont tell you anything different to the medical report.  Eventually she agreed to send me a copy after I said I would just like to have it for future reference.

    Don't understand why they just can't send you all these things automatically, yet they require us to send them all our information without them having to ring us up and being put on hold for ages.

    The main reason I wanted to see what things I had scored points on is because my PIP was taken away recently when I could not get to that assessment, have logged an appeal but was hoping if I sent all the information about the ESA report they may reconsider without having to go to tribunal.

    Hope you manage to get all the info you require.......Can do without all the stress!

  • tomm
    tomm Member Posts: 284 Pioneering
    Hi, i finally got the ESA85 from them,  and although i was awarded the SG,
    the report doesn't make a lot of sense, and the hcp's writing is  not very clear
    but it shows that i meet the criteria for LCW (work related activity)  with one condition but the HCP recomends that i should meet LCWRA (Support group) for that,but my most disabling condition IMO stage 4 OA of the knee  TKR surgery the only option left , which i don't want yet due to my age, and the new joint only lasting  10-15 years max  and it not being a proceedure that i would wish to undertake now ,nevermind have to repeat in later life that condition isn't even mentioned or listed ???? but i do have the audio recording , where my knee was discussed at lenght and a  2nd copy of the surgeons report handed to them, as the first was sent soon after  the ESA50 was sent in
  • jamie1965
    jamie1965 Member Posts: 85 Courageous
    Hi all I have been signed off work and my ssp has run out was told to apply for esa I called the. Umbre I was given and a lady went through application over the phone she then started to speak so quick could not understand all she was saying I have never claimed before but I do get higher rate of pip awarded last year I see you are talking about sg and having a face to face can I ask what is this and can you tell me what to expect next from them 
  • tomm
    tomm Member Posts: 284 Pioneering
    SG is an abrievated term for the ESA Support group or (LWCRA) in DWP speak
    So  from your post i see you have recently applied for ESA They will send you  a copy of what questions you where asked ,with your answers  in the post, called a statement, which you should check carfully, amending any errors if  needed and return to them  you will need a MED3 Fit/sick note from your GP covering you from the day you wish to claim ESA from , once they have your fit note  they will process the claim and you should start being paid assessment rate ESA until  your WCA  they will send you a ESA50 or UC50 questionaire  before the assessment  which you will have to complete and return within the 4weeks time frame allowed, failure to do this will result in them closing the claim , send fit notes and anything else  to sign for, or at the minimum get free proof of posting  by posting within the post office and asking for that, they are renowned for loosing things, at least you can then prove that you sent it back
  • tomm
    tomm Member Posts: 284 Pioneering
    edited February 2018
    sleepy1: Back in the days of Incapacity benefit which ESA replaced ,they did send you the hcp's  PCA report and associated info by defualt

    As for using your ESA85 info to help with a claim for PIP,  i have spoken with the CAB adviser who has been helping me, and they say that it would have limited value,for a PIP Application/assessment  but possibly more of value at a tribunal
    IMO i should meet the standard mobility criteria for pip,
    Looking through my previous PIP Assessment report, which The nurse who did it is  full of inconsistencies, and misleading info, regarding distances walked  conveniently swapping yards into meters  so as to imply more than 200mtrs  although  it does say i stopped a few times, but the combination  of her lies  and the fact that i travelled to the centre by public transport somehow means that i score nothing, followed by a farce that was a tribunal
    who seemed to agree with ATOS/ DWP, even though i pointed out the distance from train stn to centre was under 100mtrs  and distance from the same stn to tribunal building as even less,
    Which in an earlier ESA appeal was said to be around  200mtrs  by  the medical member of the panel ,whoput in the SOR that he has observed me walk without any obvious problems AFTER the tribunal hearing had completed  which they used to deny me ESA
    Of course that decision was set aside when challenged but it shows the comtempt even some tribunal staff have for us



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