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poetry thread

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hi to everyone on scope.  please fell free to comment good or bad or raise any issues you feel are important.  going to try and keep all my posts together so as not to hog the whole message board. a poem I will open with is all about the best game in the world and it is a game of 2 halfs and you have to think first !

chess resurgence ( sky news breaking )11.02.18

not paper checking
sky news had me drawn
in amazement nearly had decking
fantastic to escape news on violence robbery and pawn.
a story that is pure green
no evil or any sting
on " a night at the opera" by queen
music inspires protection of my king.
fantastic to see passion
children playing understanding force
just found a way to "disgracebook" and "bitter" ration
modern technology can get on its horse.
thinking and strategy
brain cells well open and flower
in your castle you will see the enemy
spot on was the young persons comment on power.
fantastic for concentration
this game is all positive and nothing less
sky news gets my appreciation
thank you so much for reporting on chess.


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    was meant to post this here so all in one spot - sorry I forgot. sorry for posting twice.

    rush hour crush statistics 13.02.18

    it is very satisfying

    not at all bruising

    10 hours on tube is the relying

    safe place for wife cruising.

    lucky are the quarter

    following the superb paper manual

    is it because of age the slaughter

    no spring chicken and certainly not a millennial.

    no jealousy of 35's and under

    all evil is converted

    the 23% on the bus and dating is no blunder

    the stop button is all with me that flirted.

    1 in 10 do get lucky

    relationships rise like bread

    clear your mind from mucky

    all facts conducted by operator go-ahead.

    a question is no failure

    to understand love and culture

    are you single katy taylor

    poetry and romance makes me a vulture.

    will keep trying

    travel on every single tube line

    one is so cheap no denying

    free travel on the 14 must hook me a valentine.

    ( to the young man that laughed when my paper flew away from me this very morning and i had to dash into the road to retrive this very article that was my inspiration - i have a few words for you - i am glad i made you smile and you had a laugh but i have told you before - i am running this village so the last laugh is on me and is no blur ! because highgate is my oasis for poetry.  )

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    give me a no hope joanna (bafta ) 13.02.18

    cruising in style

    this paper is glorious

    with teeth knocked out don't smile

    look at patsy shes absolutely fabulous.

    at 71 years of age

    no view to freeek

    would include saffron but no sage

    even if shy she did speak.

    correct about the career

    years later letting off steam

    these ladies no where to steer

    40 years later as its a delayed scream.

    the points have no avoidance

    some onus means the victims can not slack

    patsy should go with usal flamboyance

    bring edina and tell her absolutely to ware black.

    did actually read this from the best ever paper METRO but could not find the peace online so i am borrowing the man in the mirror !

    i would like to make clear in no way am i trying to justify all the wrong that has happened ie weinstein - savile etc etc etc and everything that is being exposed but i can understand what joanna is saying from her peace from the metro and they are seperate matters.

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    i want my white lump back trump 14.02.18


    lets start with some fizz

    in this game everyone is dealing

    doctors lawyers actors in showbiz

    its a pun "you can't beat the feeling".

    a gap in the market

    poetry is a useless strain

    did not pacifically president target

    the white house of me buy tons of cocaine.

    started off on the street

    a phone box in highgate village

    the operations now redefine discreet

    every deal and transaction was a holy pilgrimage.

    something has caused terror

    personally going to investigate for president trump

    disciplinary action for this error

    sorry but still charging "white house" for envelope lump.


    ( with my poetry i want to explore everything there is in life and today i am exploring wild imagination. if the poetry stops - you will no the cartel did not approve of my sence of humour. if you did not read the best weekday paper to see what inspires me i will leave you a pic - )

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    inappropriate date requests - wrightstuff debate continues online 14.02.18


    welcome to a continuation

    going to explore this topic

    inappropriate and ones self is contamination

    this revelation is not microscopic.

    great to see the changing

    but also old school underlying

    modern to some will be deranging

    but those adaptable will be trying.

    picking up tips

    pacifically those on hovering

    waiting outside for 2 months now slips

    the obsession is what was bothering.

    its a no go at work

    duty is to be professional and on form

    would not act like no jerk

    even if in front of me was the stunning storm.

    gone are telephone promo's

    fed up of being cheesy

    just watching putting up a sky dish demos

    staying quiet doing work sounds really easy.


    ( this was a debate this very morning on the best morning show - wrightstuff ch5 at 915am and i would just like to explore it more online. so if you have had any inappropriate date requests and want to share them please feel free. )

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    don't shoot the dog just go outside 15.02.18
    over the pond
    one case now has closure
    yet again the gun is no magic wand
    i'm stepping in for george for this exposure.
    was it a attempt
    or was it bone from the spinal
    the FBI are after me for contempt
    arrests flowing for bringing in the urinal.
    is bryan suffering
    or just trying to avoid H.M.P crown
    state penitentiaries are no place for buffering
    happy hes staying in newcomerstown.
    it is all mellow
    this will clearly show i am a skank
    the next fight is not to far from ohio
    have i highlighted depression and best wishes for eubank.
    i did bring george into one more poem because 2 of his his videos i can tie into this news. 1. shoot the dog because it was a dig at the police from the usa and 2. lets go outside because of the exposure of this scandal a bit like george in the toilets. can the reader see how i linked the 2 music tittles into my poem ? sorry if this gets tiring but queen and george are in my life and will never take a wham. and when i remember playing alex kid a few days ago on my sega mega drive its so nice to see and remember all the character's. i thank the lord for alexkid still being able to remember me. now what i want from forum members is to explore why this cop done this ? do you think its a scam or is depression at the root ? anyone suffering depression i would strongly recommend go and see your GP and seek help as it never stops eating away at you.
    this is the very bit of news that inspired me from the best ever paper metro -
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    no love - stick or twist  in a relationship - wrightstuff  debate today 15.02.18
    not going to use misogyny
    up most respect for the lady
    confusion leaves one open to monogamy
    lack of love equals standing up is no slim shady.
    you have to be committed
    love is never the ration
    every road may not be gritted
    but whats the point if no passion.
    not going to stick
    going to find the love of my life
    hopefully no sl?t drop like a brick
    twisting on rush hour will get me a wife.
    ( gone 6 pm and thinking about last debate on the best morning tv show - ( wrightstuff 915am ch5 every weekday morning) the debate was all about staying in a relationship even if no love is in the heart ! as hard as it may be i would say you have to break as the sadness will eat away at you and that will eventually destroy you. and if you are single and like poetry - i might just be waiting for you with open arms. all nut cases stay off my thread. thanking you.  )
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    gwilym pugh - stalking me alert 16.02.18


    welcome to obsession

    this is no calvin klein

    i am waiting for your cofession

    my stalking poem was your start line.

    you could well follow

    humble at taking credit

    some poetry none can swallow

    but you understood "stalking" with no edit.

    20 stone is phenomonal

    no doubt it was from your injury

    eating must have been as addictive as fentanyl

    damage you choose to bury.

    peace is now discovered

    all highgate celbritys now relax

    online somewhere never to be recovered

    gwilym on modeling contracts i want 10% poetry tax.


    ( absolutely hate to explain my poetry to anyone but I have to state quite clearly that I had a love for walking before gwilym and I am sure a stalking poem is online somewhere as proof !

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    mcoddballs set to introduce mcpoembook 16.02.18

    welcome to the chain

    health is not the force

    its not because of the stain

    its been decided to remove sauce.

    to the menu is a alter

    its going to be smooth like silk

    your brat has no option but water

    that's why we removed milk.

    nuggets are no longer finger licking

    calories and size are down

    the sodium is what made the chicken

    forget ronald but i got a frown.

    i can hear the cries

    children will be frustrated

    bad enough were small portions of fries

    a one off meal 600 calories is not fat saturated.

    gentle persuasion

    ronald is nudging

    is this a politically correct invasion

    i say yes and not budging.

    not sure if it will destroy

    skeptical if it will hook

    who knows next year me that might employ

    this is the start of mcpoembook.

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    mcoddballs set to introduce mcpoembook 16.02.18

    welcome to the chain

    health is not the force

    its not because of the stain

    its been decided to remove sauce.

    to the menu is a alter

    its going to be smooth like silk

    your brat has no option but water

    that's why we removed milk.

    nuggets are no longer finger licking

    calories and size are down

    the sodium is what made the chicken

    forget ronald but i got a frown.

    i can hear the cries

    children will be frustrated

    bad enough were small portions of fries

    a one off meal 600 calories is not fat saturated.

    gentle persuasion

    ronald is nudging

    is this a politically correct invasion

    i say yes and not budging.

    not sure if it will destroy

    skeptical if it will hook

    who knows next year me that might employ

    this is the start of mcpoembook.

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    from macD to mental health in one day !

    mental health and depression link to suicide ( alan macdonald and his debt ) 17.02.18

    study after study

    stuck on repeat mode

    brain messages always muddy

    understanding the workings is on constant reload.

    money is for sure a factor

    no one has enough to cancel

    alan could fool all as a superb actor

    but could not beat addcounsel.

    eating away was the sphere

    must have been a living hell

    useless was the success from mam-ma mia

    no saviour was the queen or the best exotic marigold hotel.

    paying to survive

    causing your own financial recession

    kylie minogue and tours were a great drive

    still bubbling underneath the depression.

    behavior that's erratic

    all the time numbers climbing

    we can never understand the workings in the attic

    one thing for sure mental health awareness i'm underlining.

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    Islington moped crime - time to judge judge 17.02.18
    it does often spark
    not always on the decline
    going to the side that's dark
    but not joining the thin blue line.
    carrying out there duty
    always at risk
    on twitter you played a beauty
    allot of support is bills whisk.
    not happy with sentence
    job satisfaction draining continuously
    do courts follow the 10 crack commandments
    made me laugh a cop tweeting "seriously".
    all across london its spiraling
    a crime that is so quick
    useless so no 999 dialing
    justice is just sick.
    i don't like to judge
    compassion because age is the strike
    with the judicial system is now a grudge
    its time this judge got on his bike.
 this was my inspirations and for those that are not sure of the 10 commandments i down loaded that for you as well which i relate to in my poem !
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    power and corruption ( in a express inspired by richard and judy ) 18.02.18

    we can all remember

    its well known like bob marley and jammin

    everyone in uk wanted to be a member

    we gave so conscience had no famine.

    yes we were little

    did not understand the media

    back then no online so the feed was a trickle

    only now seeing the side that's seedier.

    reading with a bless

    this couple have a down to earth bond

    will email but not in a express

    or hand deliver once jumped the pond.

    where we have power

    like in everything there is corruption

    don't take poetry as a flower

    its no charity irruption.

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    paperboy/oldman retirement 18.02.18

    now redundant

    unable to deliver

    giving up on the news is reluctant

    from each paper stand is the sliver.

    with the news its a obsession

    it is the helping hand

    headlines will never have a recession

    that feeling is grand.

    its all to do with interpretation

    understanding is not the plead

    the village was not the creation

    www. is how all read.

    its easy to add spin

    no such word as can't

    its why the reader will grin

    even now adding a bit of slant.

    back on the payroll

    this old man is whizzing

    going to invest and add sole

    paperboy is at the heart and still fizzing.

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    take away joints in greenwich reviewed ( warning - not for the faint hearted ) 18.02.18

     welcome to the eater
     put away the floss
     none will be a greeter
     first to avoid is bagel boss.
     second to jar
     is like the lady i name sushi mania
     it was like being in the fish bar
     never going back to britannia.
     bronze is no medal
     you might have to hold your nose
     paper boy may no longer peddle
     slowing up i suggest bikes of dominos.
     sitting in the corner
    behind the shutters is a thriller
     on conway road leaves no moan er
     think again if i am eating in griller.
     number 5 gets no pardon
     have to bring in a true poet murray
     would never eat in that garden
     closing the door on the curry.
     do you have pity
     want me to stop say please
     number 6 to miss is golden city
     they do both chinese and japanese.
     we are not at heaven
     infarct the food is hellish
     do you want to hear number seven
     ok its kebabish.
     number 8 is no pleaser
     infarct inside it will cut
     again its one more doing pizza
     advice is to avoid the hut.
     the ninth is not poetic
     its not sweet like apple strudel
     rhyming with angels is pathetic
     not going in hey noodle.
     in tenth position
     pizza really is like gonorrhoea
     not under any condition
     would i eat in pizzeria.
     again one with topping
     staying clear is accurate
     followed by 12 which also gets chopping
     its over for wild east and the pizza that's ultimate.
     last but not least
     number 13 is taken
     tasty is to say the least
     drive by the tasty african.
     have i made the reader vocal
     or has poetry made the head ich
     thank you this is london local
     the hypocrisy is going out to eat in greenwich.

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    KFC run out of chicken croydon alert 19.02.18
    can not express the sorrow
    pain really stings
    no more in deep fat the wallow
    how i am going to miss your tender wings.
    the gap is ticking
    infarct i need some tablets
    the fingers have constant licking
    at night i dream of your giblets.
    miss the feeling
    in on the sofa i cry
    never will it have heeling
    not the same stroking my own thigh.
    gone is the appetite
    i see bones through the vest
    no more a attraction or delight
    don't miss neither breast.
    not chewing your leg
    uncle has to get a  pardon
    he will be a chicken and beg
    please accecpt sorry people from croydon.

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    thameslink irontrain seats ! ( bbc news flash ) 20.02.18
    not a regular user
    leg power is the only marriage
    the new trains fight against the anti social abuser
    it has won me over into carriage.
    not there to be comfortable
    that maybe sharp and blunt
    we all no traveling is getting unaffordable
    passengers are taking the brunt. ( not reference to my darling brunt)
    but this is worth ink
    not going to send it down the thames
    cleaner and clearer is a link
    praise from me it stems.
    no more arguments about seating
    its going to increase the rush hour blog
    that was one hell of a greeting
    packed like sardines but enjoyed the snog.
    more space
    thameslink and me have no confusion
    vandals unable to leave a trace
    can not destroy rip or slash so irontrain i cushion.

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    usa need to mimic highgate ( gun control - metro ) 20.02.18
    we are holding the leash
    the usa are going to be our poodle
    together in our own niche
    no reference to bush or blair joining like apple and strudel.
    guns have one purpose
    in america it is the main stifle
    if copy highgate its a zero surplus
    playing shoot the dog is the only riffle.
    with only one aim
    american citizens are up for prostitution
    change the stigma and shame
    alter the constitution.
    warp and twisted
    hope you don't listen to the 666 carol
    don't misinterpret this is insisted
    hope you don't track me down with a double barrel.
    if the usa want to emulate
    then mr trump won't get proof that's bigger
    no need for a bullet proof in highgate
    change is happening and finger is on the trigger.

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    tracy shankley - blackdale  21.02.18


    this is not to perswade

    its not the style or class

    how could one degrade

    no new year resoloution leave alone the brass.

    for the heart its bleading

    through the vains blood is racey

    my pain is as unclear as reading

    deepest of sympathy is to tracy.

    we all have a history

    your regret is a fantastic display

    the payment is no mystery

    keeping the secret has to stop or delay.

    faith is in the forgiveness salary

    even if tracey is expecting livid

    you 2 are going to be stronger then eric and valerie

    repent and come good will david.

    have the points been made

    or did this fail

    sorry if poetry did down grade

    tracy is going to win soap awards through blackdale.





    ( we are in dark days and none darker in emmerdale at the moment then for tracy as she is going through a living hell. can she come through or will her past destroy her ? fingers crossed for tracy shankley who is played by the superb actres amy walsh.  )

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    should indebted students get refund ? ( fantastic news from metro ) 22.02.18

    looking forward to the lump

    its all about the take

    over 25 years highgate i did rump

    shame and dignity the stake.

    i new i would succeed

    seeing the light at the end of tunnel

    the poetry track was a perfuse bleed

    but now will be up and running better then sally gunnel.

    not sure where to collect

    to be honest still shocked and stunned

    5 more years to study with no detect

    and then a huge 30 year refund.

    money can now unfreeze

    got a big wad and plenty of loose

    to some jealousy will un ease

    not bothered as laying is my golden goose.

    one question is hanging

    damages are undeniable

    the solicitor has advised no more head banging

    a life in poetry will work out reliable.

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    should indebted students get refund ? ( fantastic news from metro ) 22.02.18

    looking forward to the lump

    its all about the take

    over 25 years highgate i did rump

    shame and dignity the stake.

    i new i would succeed

    seeing the light at the end of tunnel

    the poetry track was a perfuse bleed

    but now will be up and running better then sally gunnel.

    not sure where to collect

    to be honest still shocked and stunned

    5 more years to study with no detect

    and then a huge 30 year refund.

    money can now unfreeze

    got a big wad and plenty of loose

    to some jealousy will un ease

    not bothered as laying is my golden goose.

    one question is hanging

    damages are undeniable

    the solicitor has advised no more head banging

    a life in poetry will work out reliable.

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    wanted - stalker appeal ( photo included ) 22.02.18

    you sound amazing

    its got to be a looker

    always on tube metro grazing

    looking for a 10 that can work a cooker.

    right up my street

    we can be backward talkers

    to you this is delicate and discreet

    been trying to attract these kind of stalker's.

    you can get obsessed

    like a parcel track and trace

    not ever going to be depressed

    your nick name can be amazing grace.

    do you home study

    i hope poetry you understand

    its to late to think you landed muddy

    i have already a ring for your hand.

    do you accept my appeal

    are we going together like salt and vinegar

    promise you won't leave my heel

    amazing grace we can be walkers so call me gary linker.

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    460 k pot ( metro news - hidden value with both link) 23.02.18

    welcome to a discovery

    in what will lead to a mockery

    460k down will never have recovery

    invested it all in the broccoli.

    remembering purchasing the first draw

    a eighth was a bargain

    £15 now would cause up raw

    all to do with the THC added margin.

    back then you could vandal

    3 a hour to pin point

    evident now is the wonky handle

    regret is pointing to the joint.

    some have been on a earn-ie

    keeping the whole stash does amaze

    others lost all and on stronger then the burnie

    everything gone up in a blaze.

    to the streets it brings mayhem

    all across the uk as in every acre

    not mentioning no names john bartlam

    first american porcelain maker.

    the metropolitan museum is displaying

    are you tempted to go and see

    i hope this peace is not delaying

    i'm waiting to serve you some texas tea. - inspiration - check to see if you can spot the pot - or if you wanted to find out where to see the real pot you can here -

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    apologies ( with picture of how sorry ) 24.02.18

    this is not a admission

    its to display etiquette

    got a life long condition

    its no excuse and certainly not adequate.

    to stop the deterioration

    news is the fixation

    metro wrightstuff sky or lbc station

    all guilty of inspiring a creation.

    love to dissect

    or to praise with power

    often writing that some won't detect

    feelings and emotions open any flower.

    not any line

    the filter is busted

    deliberately controversial will never decline

    its a style that is tried and trusted.

    going to try gentle

    but can not do microscopic

    to take on the big players is mental

    confused poetry won't lead to no biopic.

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    ageism pole ( metro investigation undresses ) 24.02.18

    for those against discrimination

    please stand

    the old and disabled always give frustration

    i refuse to give a helping hand.

    we have to bring strange

    or this world will lurch

    they got this at fairmile grange

    for those interested its in dorset christchurch.

    6 ladies were art displaying

    most men would tick the cards

    this care home has been accused of straying

    ladies gyrating wiggling in hot pants and leotards.

    care home bosses were heeding

    no hearing aid to blow

    its not like what your reading

    these residents enjoyed the show.

    local councilors expressed disapproval

    peter hall and denise jones were staggered

    this sort of horizon needs removal

    its not a saturday mens night getting bladder ed.

    in defense of all criticized

    one fact we can not deport

    katie henery confirms its been certified

    pole dancing like reading metro is a sport.

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    big issue now on TICK ( robin fabian ) 25.02.18

    this is not about robin

    most certainly not begging

    keeping head above water by bobbing

    no criminal activity or illegal bootlegging.

    this story is fantastic

    even if mr fabian won't read my ****

    would not encourage use of plastic

    but strongly recommend this tap.

    spotted a market

    no over flow or spillage

    unlike the highgate target

    did not want a single pound from my village.

    £30 was your over head

    no business rates to slash

    cottoning on to no one carrying bread

    society now a days does not trade in cash.

    mr fabian don't vent

    this idea is a money spinner

    you get your idea patent

    and you really will be a winner.

    ( reading news in the best paper in the world - metro - and it has really made me feel happy and i think there is money in this idea . i am going to send my poem into the big issue and let them no and if anything ever comes from this you will all no that robin fabian had this idea and deserves all credit and must get the rewards. as for getting poetry into the village - my idea will not get patent as my poetry will always be free for people to enjoy online as it is not about fame or getting noticed or money as poetry is my life and i would not choose any other even if it is controlling me. if any readers want a copy of a fantastic informative magazine you can find most big issue sellers outside tube stations or in busy areas. or you can visit this website -

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    highgate cemetery ( neighbour day free entry sunday 25 feb 2018 ) 26.02.18

    pass it every 24 hours

    always crowds circulating

    now truly understanding the powers

    support is now the recruiting.

    absolutely stunning

    every path and road immaculate

    given a map and up and running

    seeing main ones first as clear and accurate.

    not here to name dish

    flying around are already sparks

    went down wrong road and bumped into "gish"

    unlike most first was not the magnificent "marx".

    "mclaren" did boom

    head in middle but no shade

    equally as loud was "groom"

    helping and assisting like "london fire brigade".

    thank you highgate cemetery

    to be your neighbour is a privilege

    so much care and compassion is on entry

    i no safe and together are mum and son from the village.

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    happy birthday storm 26.02.18
    strong winds are brewing
    even with a michael fish delay
    on the wrightstuff its constant chewing
    for this storm its a very special day.
    want to send my best wishes
    had no time to get a cake
    looking like a waiter or hostess dishes
    stunning is the nod shake.
    you are getting older
    sorry to sadness sprinkle
    not wright but hotstuff smoulder
    we all are going to wrinkle.
    have a great day storm
    not good at well wishing fluff
    put your feet up from the perform
    happy birthday from a fan of wrightstuff.
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    posh and steph ( photographic proof of bbc pay dispute - metro ) 27.02.18
    welcome to controversial
    will give both sides
    for the beeb it will be emotional
    severe criticism slides.
    not getting a distract
    don't care if you hate or applaud
    might use the "discrimination act"
    poetry ban from the POV message board.
    in the BBC's defense
    this story is not all southern
    behind the scenes and the technicality is immense
    could a fair wage be paid to mcgovern.
    heart breaking is moral
    eating away at you like a cancer
    this can not be patched up with floral
    from the BBC steph deserves a answer.
    BBC are trying to bring diversity
    splendid to see different news presenters
    personally feel most come straight from university
    this is where nicky thomas tune enters.
    looking forward to change
    on the knuckles this is a slap
    tomorrow's bbc news will be strange
    mcgovern presenting with a commoner speaking in wu-tang rap.
 if this pic is not common - this video is and for the not aware of the clan prepare yourself to enter the 36 chambers
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    one more papp ( connected to steph mcgovern poem ) 28.02.18

    i am in withdraw

    no more barrel scrapper

    no wish to pull out my claw

    so over the paper.

    heart on sleeve

    not wishing to make any enemy

    it was all part of the retrieve

    "i want to break free " is the remedy.

    no more mail

    who was i trying to kid

    message boards had to derail

    highgate now has no skid.

    brought back to reality

    but kentish is a boiling oven

    must be me with a strange mentality

    this papp is sure to be for steph mcgovern.

    entitled to express

    no longer a user

    not ashamed to back i confess

    still believe mcgovern boss is the abuser.


    ( if you wanted to find out about the top dog who is running the kentish town you can on this website. )

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    mathew wright in metro news ( pic link enclosed ) 28.02.18

    fantastic interview

    looking dappa and in style

    lets clarify mathew is the chew

    not one thing is vile.

    first to highlight is a number

    18 really is outstanding

    how i regret its not been a continuous slumber

    only since finding its a weekday morning landing.

    9:15am is euphoria

    competition is no cat that's cheshire

    never heard of this victoria

    i got storm and shes not in derbyshire.

    whats the secret to longevity

    had to look up irreverent

    we can see the sarcasm and naughty

    getting no reply is a lack of respect relevant.

    not going to highlight shocking

    nuisance callers won't stain

    going to put on the blocking

    like the village not being able to rein.

    watching from inside

    from my village george to was a fan

    calling in about a car ride

    best not mention snappy snaps and ban.

    onto surprising

    hitting mathew like a massage

    a second referendum was the rising

    that surprise was from nigel farage.

    not to hollywood

    leaving wrightstuff viewers cranky

    not returning to the hood

    good riddance to cocozza frankie.

    onto change

    not sure as poetry not extended

    to dislike is not strange

    but from wrihtsuff i will never be offended.

    your learning was heeded

    it sums up 18 years lasting

    both metro and wrightstuff is much needed

    because both are the best at broadcasting.

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    cathrine from camden inspires solution to diabetes and obesity ( just another thing from metro ) photographic proof 02.03.18

    don't beat around the bush

    i love it direct

    metro inspired this push

    with camden it dose connect.

    common sence from cathrine

    360 degrees is the squeal

    all the PC guidelines smothering

    reason why diabetes keeps spinning the wheel.

    guide lines not fixing

    hitting harder then storm emma the beast

    backwards are the message mixing

    starchy carbohydrates rising like yeast.

    wrong about juice

    its not one of your five

    a walk with me will reduce

    we can do it to "staying alive".

    jobs at the table

    the thought is giving me allergies

    sitting down makes me unstable

    have to be active burning calories.

    got a plan

    online so me and cathrine get talking

    every road in camden is under scan

    the key to health is path stalking.

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    assassination attempt on queen ( christopher lewis ) 02.03.18

    not a nice remedy

    are they working on a movie for odeon

    theme of poem links to rhapsody

    got to drop in bohemian.

    going about her duty

    with security total trust

    was newzeland expecting tutti frutti

    to her majesty it was just another one bites the dust.

    not sure of the back chat

    what exactly caused the arouse

    sickness is the seven seas of rhye plat

    medication may have prevented this drowse.

    me and queen were not dead on time

    we are still doing the bicycle race

    brought to justice for this crime

    in the lap of the gods is the our trace.

    cowardly was of no lack

    real glad a fall to the hammer

    from behind was this a dragon attack

    queen was unaffected and mr lewis is in the slammer.

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    suspicious activity on internet forums  ? 03.03.18
    yes to being a sucker

    but did not go fishing

    not a diver but most certainly a ducker

    i no the paper menu is dishing.

    all is quiet

    the forums are playing no gig

    flying alone is this pilot

    i can self examine and dig.

    i don't no whats in pipe

    but will have to smoke

    DONG still around to snipe

    the love affair is the choke.

    ready and waiting

    do your very best to hurt

    admission poetry is no oil painting

    inside is causing the alert.

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    one year on from weekly bin collections ? ( discussion and all views welcome ) 04.03.18


    i no longer dump

    the buzz will not be scored

    not prepared to be used like steak rump

    i new complaints would have soared.

    for those unaware

    change took place on waste

    one year on and its time to share

    the conservative in me i taste.

    it is all down statistically

    a picture it paints

    labour raising the red flag consistently

    having concede again to complaints.

    making gains are the blues

    with them to often objections

    not sure if me and teresa will cruise

    but out of the question is labour in local elections.

    henry newman is a inventor

    also standing making a conservative chance healthy

    for your brilliant word i'm a renter

    wikipedia have to enter your word "belfie".

    fly tipping is spiralling

    to the solution of course is objection

    clean clear camden will have all smiling

    tick tock to the weekly bin collection.


    anyone on scope happy with 1 every 2 weeks collections ?

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    locks on royal free hospital chapel - what has society become ? 04.03.18


    to my saviour

    i am writing to inform

    so sorry to bring a bad flavor

    discovered just after you sending emma the storm.

    spotted on entry

    faith never in shortage

    it would be crime of the centry

    conscience would have eternity for storage.

    saddens me to prison

    god should not be in a cage

    but you can see lucifer and the poison

    the evil is stuffing us like sage.

    out come the alba phone

    dear lord had to record proof

    from the place that has fixed every bone

    all is sacred under the royal free roof.

    saddens me to lock

    or to have to push to release

    4oclock in morning and i came and you were my rock

    only thing to take from chapel is peace.

    things are changing

    locks on chapel are a indication

    this world needs allot of rearranging

    faith in you god is in this communication.

  - button to release door how lock works lock in working doors closed with lock on

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    would you allow a drag queen to read to your child at school ? ( monstar story ) 05.03.18

    welcome to the panel

    they are all cut throat

    will react direct with no flannel

    after reading this is a smile on your boat.

    not yet into strops and rage

    very tranquil in east of higbury

    please read the islington tribune and engage

    you will love the story in the library.

    it is all pleasant and nice

    not at all deep and raw

    i will keep quiet about the duck and rice

    but will open the cellar door.

    heart breaking is suicide

    a act of pure violence

    now spreading love with such pride

    this world would be nicer if all had tolerance.

    negative is the press

    loved your comment about diverting energy

    whats presented in black and white is not chess

    the march of the black queen is to bring diversity.

    hope lots hear the plead

    even if poetry is a news imposter

    fantastic was the islington read

    all credit goes to the cookie monstar. - inspiration. if you wanted to see a cookie addict then let me provide a link or if you wanted to find out more about cookie monstar you can here -

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    bloody difficult woman marching for rights again ( metro news ) 06.03.18

    i did not go to rally

    because just a old school geeza

    parliament stormed in outside valley

    all supported by theresa.

    march4woman i won't quote

    won't give publicity just malice

    100 years ago we gave them the right to vote

    now look at the disruption outside the palace.

    a movement was occurring

    words are counteracted by deeds

    banners and sashes must have obscuring

    just watch how i twist the poetry seeds.

    no hunger for helen pankhurst

    she has more bounce then a trampoline

    the mens power bubble must not burst

    personally blaming the suffragettes and emmerline.

    feeling the traitor

    infarct feel sick and green

    not taking no cut so drop the calculator

    total opposite of michael sheen.

    sticking in her beak

    the front of this lady does stagger

    can i say with a echo its pure cheek

    this is no "hard woman" says mick jagger .

    have i caused agro

    now to every lady i will delight

    fascinating story in mondays metro

    happiness is shown for woman and gender right.


    the best paper in the world never fails to inspire me -

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    ian lee put off wrightstuff 06.03.18

    fantastic tuesday

    maybe not all will agree

    its been a long term delay

    the arrogance is catching up with lee.

    at one stage

    a big fan

    venting with anger and rage

    ian was the man.

    then a bungle

    not fooled by the tear

    no celebrity in this jungle

    it set up this cheer.

    i can see the similarity

    me and ian came from the same rose

    not looking for sympathy or charity

    so glad changing is happening to my constant oppose.

    its boring

    does not show intellect

    being invited on shows may cease scoring

    so happy that's 100 percent correct.

    to take on my chew

    unaware he would call your bluff

    depression may give days that are blue

    not for me as ian lee will never be on wrightstuff.

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    helen from newcastle - just one more addict ( photo of devastation attached ) 06.03.18

    you need counselling

    its so clear the addict

    at present no chance of metro cancelling

    take it even with conflict.

    we are not strong

    weakness is always teething

    let me sing you the paparazzi song

    detox is as vital as breathing.

    you don't need to thank

    metro is a drug of choice

    stands refilled like coins in bank

    6am delivery in a rolls royce.

    taking care of consumers

    no workers naughty rascal

    only pleasant like "rush hour" rumors

    from london or to helen in newcastle.

    helen don't praise

    getting metro is a human right

    if this is ever breached it will amaze

    commuters will have one hell of a fight.

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    14 die - can we  blame russia  ? 07.03.18

    putting my life in jeopardy

    no one can be disputing

    poetry more lethal then leprosy

    if it does disappear blame putin.

    lots are skeptical

    that's from experts not pranksters

    spies with grudges, businessmen to me are ejectable

    it has the hall mark of gangsters.

    labour crossing fingers with luck

    the facts are the criteria

    to much tv from rupa huq

    brb just starting is mcmafia.

    the US are busy thinking

    14 is a number that does lead

    all of them are linking

    its a fact got it off buzzfeed.

    all were covered

    in highgate will watch every corner

    not being 15 and in metro discovered

    doing my best to avoid the coroner.

    in this is no hypocrisy

    don't want to self hurt

    going to stay loyal to berezovsky

    as don't want a polonium-210 tshirt.

    mixed up with out judo

    over this story is no sun

    this is more annoying then cluedo

    what ever the crime in russia its not the gun.

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    brewdog pink beer ( will men buy this ? ) 07.03.18

    no discrimination

    to the world is this blog

    be careful as of contamination

    best not mention brewdog.

    already is froth

    not even out of the tin

    would have been easier to use a trough

    quicker then a cat to skin.

    men would not sample

    no way would they sink

    even if cheaper it won't be ample

    you could not off load the pink.

    pouring is the bitter

    this did bring me to the brink

    woman only like glitter

    or anything pink.

    step in the brewer

    should they be awarded or put in solitary

    for bringing this up they will skewer

    what ever lets all just drink the pink to equality.

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    3sum ( chantelle houghton ted and me ) 08.03.18


    aftershave by the gallon

    going with one intention

    ted alone is no vilan

    addiction starts with extention.

    sitting like a lemon

    after swallowing the duck remedy

    elvis playing as clear as on a denon

    via las vagas in back round now the only enemy.

    first time was a shocker

    made me flinch

    everyone saying " alright cocka"

    ted was more out rageous then bet lynch.

    econd one did join

    not at all cross

    no pain from the groin

    ears were tunning like to chantelle and candyfloss.

    third was the overload

    all now is on it spiralling

    last nights 3sum did explode

    ted for devorce cancel that filing.

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    paul gambaccini on wrightstuff ( were they fishing ? ) 08.03.18

    out is the rod

    float in the water

    a beautiful one from poetry plod

    no jealousy or envy just admission of slaughter.

    fantastic episode

    all the high and no crash

    gordons alive did explode

    my main man in a tshirt was no flash.

    storm looking stunning

    will always get a bless

    complements must be long running

    who is the designer of your dress.

    a great thursday episode

    no aladdin and a geni

    another one bites the dust did explode

    the high was poetry but first the gambaccini.

    thank you to my chew

    to my queen its dishing

    paranoid me you are trying to skew

    was freddie and poetry a coincidence or was the wrightstuff fishing.

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    dog laughing on hippy crack ( link provided ) ( news spin and corruption ) 09.03.18

    metro cruising

    also along the curb

    this is self hurt and bruising

    its how i pick up the bird.

    going to corrupt

    twist this news bulletin

    the climate is ready to irrupt

    history its polluting.

    i want people to decline

    to try and unravel

    this is my way to dig weinstein

    along with the notorious savile.

    back to the swallow

    don't understand this side

    poetry is my high to wallow

    more dangerous then nitrous oxide.

    thank you metro news

    used spin and corruption

    going back to bed as morning blues

    blame the dog and hippy and one hell of a irruption.

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    loud passengers on transport - pic included ( edward - metro ) 10.03.18

    the volume is not down

    people have to strain the vocal cords

    on tube going through camden town

    the devonshire arms are playing the gothic rewards.

    out into busy

    going to do a video broadcast

    pop the champagne for some fizzy

    the noise from the lock is vast.

    the rush is all green

    i found the meaning to homogenized

    its why mixing with society is not keen

    the guy on the MIC is all that's amplified.

    jump on bus to escape

    the head banging and going to snap

    then the violin did ear scrape

    thanks to man listening to niccolo paganini from pc on lap.

    peace in highgate

    music being no careless whisper is ironic

    edward with your metro i have to congratulate

    the noise from poetry is for sure moronic.

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    let the old starve to death as roads in camden have no grit 11.03.18


    shame on this center

    equal to those cutting

    forget patients i've got dementia

    anything for the old needs shutting.

    you may have rattled

    as words did infuriate

    once shipped in as OAP's are cattle d

    now a underhand problem at kingsgate.

    sympathy is reluctant

    explaining please save

    one more unemployed as chef made redundant

    not complaining are makers of microwave.

    582G savings is sliding

    trust is a word reliable

    like grit on paths of camden are hiding

    lack of care is undeniable.

    totally agree with pat grey

    but with no food no need to walk

    save the grit with out delay

    come on camden like poetry reverse your talk.



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    3 things tim berners-lee wants to change on www. 12.03.18


    tim is my emperor

    i'm sure he is thinking nutty norm

    the way of life is at center

    its given a free platform.

    now there is criticism

    tims snapping like a alligator

    its not personal to do with my voyeurism

    something to do with useless data.

    the second red herring

    sort of drops into fantasy

    started in highgate sharing

    no misinformation certainly no spread of ecstasy.

    last point is now landing

    with it most will be critical

    news and MP's online is not understanding

    that's why transparency is needed for all political.

    should we tamper

    do companies have much power

    with out it my life would be damper

    like mother mercury yesterday should have got tim a flower.


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    corruption ( can it ever be controlled or am i barking - open discussion ) 13.03.18

    welcome to my lines

    it is sure to bring misery

    expert as studied all canines

    i should be presenting at the prize giving ceremony.

    it is very cynical

    things are not getting better

    its giving depression and its clinical

    thank god for "PETA".

    forgotten is weinstein

    this shock will drop all to knees

    the war is still raging like in palestine

    celebrating and barking is the collooney tartan tease.

    shame on the NEC arena

    these awards are blatant misogyny

    history looking back won't be cleaner

    corruption is in the DNA biology.

    credit to the security

    on the floor doggy style

    one man taken out of the community

    i hate corruption its just vile.

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    i will stand up to putin even if i get shooting 14.03.18

    not prepared to be silent

    to some this won't fright

    may i bring to your attention violent

    was the strangulation before or after midnight.

    unaware of the mafia

    this life is very far

    dropping names gets trashier

    coincidence or a aide of boris the oligarch.

    dropping off like crumbs

    this president is sitting pretty

    forget the roll of the drums

    not welcome in the uk is no pity.

    some sort of power

    putin can dismiss my scribble

    not going to highgate to flower

    but linking to daughter and mr skripal.

    we have to stand

    all together we will slaughter putin

    link and join your hand

    i predict from highgate will be a fatal shooting.

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    bank of england to axe coppers ( business news )

    metro coppers to wrighstuff who are both 50 never to be axed 14.03.18

    i am suspicious
    are they transferring
    not by nature superstitious
    the same news is joining with no blurring.
    not yet been for fix
    have to have news that's warm
    both together and sealed like a twix
    wrightstuff and metro with no name tease storm.
    scrapped maybe from phillip
    unlike the illegal trade from the ottoman empire
    mr harmond will be getting no flowers like a tulip
    people will say the spring statement is dyer.
    all realizing the value
    even if the move is not elastic
    my land lord had tears when pay ed for malibu
    he tried to convert me from coppers to plastic.
    thank you wrihtstuff
    and metro as no night stoppers
    to you both its a life long cuff
    both are valued higher then all money including coppers.

    watching the best morning news show ever ( wrightstuff on ch5 at 915am weekdays ) and afer picking up about storm not liking her name when she was growing up i decided not only could i include this but i just wanted to appreciate the metro news paper and the wrightstuff in my way own way by saying you are both gold. hope all readers enjoy this fake business news lol

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    wednesdays rendezvous ( focusing of TED not putin ) 15.03.18

    trying to withdraw

    the love is online

    to the house owned by the ****

    last night did wine and dine.

    a lovely welcome

    on my head is sucker

    power will make me succumb

    but never over the real mucca. ( my god)

    god you no i serve

    its why TED you deliver

    what ever you give i deserve

    expressed in ways that make you shiver.

    the personality is addictive

    thankfully poetry is not yet a crime

    putin can argue this is inflictive

    wednesdays rendezvou created TEDS rhyme.

    ( on the wrightstuff ch5 at 915am they are talking about gambling - I do gamble everything on ted but he is always bucking good - love to no your views on gambling - does the house always win ? )

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    freddie mercury - george michael - lisa stansfield all connected to a french baker ! 16.03.18


    not going fishing

    this float is under

    metro can keep dishing

    this news will never blunder.

    loved the interview

    2 highlights i won't shield

    if wrightstuff don't inspire me to"chew"

    for sure will the fabulous lisa stansfield.

    intriguing to hear your pinch

    lucky these moments are recorded

    the tribute act made the world flinch

    like "wembley 86" lisa rightly awarded.

    struggles with fame

    your observations were vital

    not able like "queen" to "play the game"

    but warmth and giving is the legacy of george michael.

    now time to bring the beast

    proof metro is my second power

    hilarious is the story involving yeast

    french bakers work so hard producing bread that's sour.

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    eating on transport ( keith - brigton - TFL proposal - will it go national ! ) 17.03.18

    keith you are legendary

    on the head a nail

    commuters should not show all in sundry

    in fact we need to ban food on rail.

    putting on my lashes

    have to raise at this criticism

    some ladies need it or train crashes

    lacking in confidence is the reason.

    would not like slurping

    my back this would be hunching

    don't even mention burping

    would have to move seat if hear crunching.

    not sure if it is attention

    no consideration is forgotten

    no food or drink on transport is prevention

    this is a great idea metro keith from brighton.


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    love it when poems can follow on - if flawless - look above - it could be heaven ?

    roger from shefield and sarcasm and another thing 17.03.18

    i can see bitter

    a uncontrollable spasm

    can i not follow on twitter

    i just love the sarcasm.

    take out your teeth

    lets all try to be diplomatic

    the love of my life is keith

    his metro rant made me erratic.

    defending is my duty

    but i am no sailor

    still traveling to find my cutey

    but this rogers drum beat was no taylor.

    its all about decorum

    like a lady deep throat-ing a lolly

    for younger readers on this forum

    this is something off the adult trolley.

    having fun on the metro track

    it really did make my eyes ring

    great humour never does lack

    and sarcasm really is "and another thing".

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    allpoetryDOTcom review 18.03.18
    welcome to a review
    you have made a fantastic entry
    me being one of the fraud few
    that are clue less about poetry.
    here you can escape
    from a life that is hideous
    no subjects have red tape
    i do believe some of the work is genius.
    absolutely adore the concept
    at is where i would pay rent
    its a home that does accept
    even criticism won't dent.
    you have to read
    get into the mind of the writer
    back to the poet feed
    able to post your poem is the delight er.
    thank you allpoetry website
    i will use and be no abuser
    its just so my freedom i can fight
    adoring poetry even if the biggest writing looser.
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    time to clean up ( removal of highgate village phone box by florence lote ) 18.03.18

    you are no nightingale
    your CNJ comment has no tolerance
    so what if my idea was doomed to fail
    i still object to you florence.
    once they are rid
    they won't ever return
    just have to step over the skid
    don't inhale because of the illegal burn.
    my village would be sore
    is this poem ironic
    in no way is highgates a eyesore
    it is special and so iconic.
    sorry lote if they shame
    you i am not trying to convert
    a few years back i was on the "game"
    highgate village was the advert.
    it was great for rubbish
    fly tipping was just mega
    only once a bit of anguish
    when i dumped on a homeless sleeping beggar.
    yes camden is filling
    change is needed and its vital
    poetry and rubbish is over spilling
    but to rid the phone boxes is personally spiteful.

     i had a dream to spread my poetry through the best village in the world but i failed. still standing and standing by the phone box as even if they smell and look a bit old - they are a feature. as for the modern black phone boxes - yes take them away and don't bring them back as we all have mobiles. for those looking for the seedy adverts that used to plaster phone boxes - switch to poetry - it will satisfy your darkest of fantasy's !

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    very sad news today about ant -

    ant-i drink and drugs  ant mcpartlin -  19.03.18

    the writing is on the wall

    not going near biker "grove"

    on no high horse standing tall

    from the village illegally drove.

    pain is at the spine

    even money can not plug

    in jeopardy is the "jungle mania" shine

    no beetle juice being the tug.

    marriage on the snap

    press photos looking a wreck

    just youtube the famous wrap

    highlighted no little man dec.

    words of wisdom

    even if i have zero

    drink and drugs are the criticism

    withdrawing will be your hero.

    life is testing

    understanding its cruel and odd

    faith must be your only investing

    ant is in the hands of a very little man god.

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    ring lovers bell for tea ( wrightstuff debate mon 19 march 2018 )


    going to be debated

    at me its a sting

    observing the actions infuriated

    a wrightstuff obsession is the ring.

    woman are multi task ers

    the ability is the preserves

    not a man to pester with constant askers

    up most respect mother deserves.

    set is the timetable

    in between news and the local rag

    2 mins no sugar and little milk to enable

    to perfection is each tea bag.

    yes i can see disrespect

    i am ashamed of every tea act

    it may well not be politically correct

    that's why i forced the signature on contract.

    looking for a new brewer

    one that's fit and on form

    how i wish i could lure

    M&S can dress up my tea in a storm.

  • buzzoverbuzzover Member Posts: 63 Listener

    MP's call for sucker-surge quiz on data grab 20.03.18

    i did warn

    but this is no pulp fiction

    "the path of the righteous man" yawn

    is one hell of a contradiction.

    we are all suckers

    me not excluded

    we all made mark and ted buckers

    but a untrue profile shows how deluded.

    all your information is wealth

    disgracebook snapped you like a alligator

    sorry if it has damaged your mental health

    but ultimately you provided the data.

    no freeze like antarctica

    we are all feeling the dent

    never heard of cambridge analytica

    like "david platt"no consent.

    we are all feeling the rump

    with this is no objection

    sitting pretty is trump

    fare and square he will say was election.

    warning to the sucker-surge whos not honorable

    like poetry not fit to broadcast

    disgracebook once was so colorful

    the legacy is the ultimate staining blast.

  • buzzoverbuzzover Member Posts: 63 Listener

    should upskirting photography be made illegal ? ( damming metro news report ) 21.03.18


    free speech i'm exercising

    this news is going to hurt

    the reader won't see the ingenious in criticizing

    if illegal it will be my hurt.

    for many of a decades

    built up a portfolio

    quality pictures with no fades

    i'm refusing to say cheerio.

    if passed a 'bill' will be pacific

    which could see my habit have excisum

    that's why i object and are a critic

    the love of my life if voyeurism.

    being charged would shame

    sitting in front of the paparazzi

    they are beside for also playing the game

    these selfies will go straight in the khazi.

    liberal democrats have labeled

    on society i am a menace

    never will forgive wera hobhouse who 'tabled'

    she is vile and discriminating against my upskirt practice.


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