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my email re complant

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Capita Business Services Limited (Registered No. 2299747) whose registered office is 71 Victoria Street, Westminster, LONDON, SW1H 0XA, United Kingdom


Dear Sir


Following a letter requesting a review from DWP, I am instructed that I am to be reassessed with your company.

The award I have was and will be used to determining my rights to benefits which I was awarded in 2015 by the DWP. After refusal and on a mandatory reconsideration, the new review has prompted me to assess my original claim and assessment report later prepared by your assessor, whose name is available with profession and registration number, but will not be disclosed in this letter. Having requested a qualified person to look at my report completed by assessor, it has been confirmed a number of lies have been submitted. A further reading of my original claim and conversation with assessor is fabrication on their part, and indeed it seems to have been lost in the attempt to ensure my right to benefit would fail. This assessment was carried out on 21 November 2014, and reconsideration was processed on 17 January 2015.


On Friday, 29 January 2018 I telephoned your company on the telephone number supplied in an attempt to speak to your Complaints Department. After long drawn out attempt to do so, I was put through to Taref, a complaints manager. I explained everything to him and he advised me he would look into it and contact me again. On Tuesday I telephoned again to speak to him and after another long drawn out call the adviser demanded to know why I needed to talk to him. That person said they would talk to him while I held the line. She then instructed me I could not talk to him, he did not wish to discuss the matter and had sent papers to the DWP. Again I asked to talk to Taref, as is my right, only to have the call ended as she said this is going round in circles. I also asked to register a complaint about the experience of this telephone call and was refused again.

I then telephoned the DWP, who stated nothing has come from your company on this matter. I called your company and was told there is nothing on screen of my half hour conversation with your Complaints Department.


Now an unqualified person working for Capita as a health professional has cost me, according to the DWPs own website, in excess of £6000 in two years. This person who gives an opinion on a condition she has no qualification to assess or understanding of the condition, the medical so called assessment could only show impairment of my stroke, which she ignored and fabricated her own answers. My mental ability to plan or travel was ignored for her own opinion, other discriptors were not asked or used, indeed my eyesight was noted as good but I am blind in one eye, my ability to pick up objects were her view not mine, my skeletal examination was not done only stand up. It seems the assessor has made a number of opinions up which go against fact from my doctor and consultants based on many years of knowing my condition, whereas she did this visit it in fifteen minutes and spent ten minutes in my toilet although why she spent that much time in there I am not sure .

Your report to DWP is based on the opinion of an unregistered person at date of assessment. She did not register until 2016 and her registration ends in May 2018.


The content of that report has had a knock on effect, plus the complete could-not-care-less attitude from the Complaints Department staff and call centre or advisers has been noted hence this email also going to my MP, doctor and Director General of the DWP Complaints in London, as instructed by ICE. Your assessor has overridden the facts provided by my doctor and consultants, proven medical facts by my health professionals and her opinion has given rise to deception to gain financial reward by your ‘health professional’ who I will has also been report to her governing body.

Now the DWP have informed me that my new review has been passed to you for assessment again. I require you to supply the registration number and name in full of the assessor who will carry out this assessment, plus who they practice with, their qualification, area of expertise, that they have a minimum of two years expertise in my illness as this information was not supplied at the first assessment.


The amount of stress and worry has now affected me yet again, I consider this unjust and unlawful and it may on the outcome of your actions result in my instigating legal proceedings but at this time I require some sort of resolution, not blame and at least a fair and qualified assessment based on Fact not an Opinion.


Yours faithfully



  • maid08
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    their answer like a stuck record still refuse to take complaint???


    Thank you for your email dated 2nd February 2018.


    Regarding your email to the Customer Relations Team concerning assessment report. Please be advised, whilst we do conduct PIP assessments on behalf of DWP, we have no involvement in the decision making process. Claimants are able to challenge the information within their assessment report or their award decision, via DWP’s established dispute process.


    I can assure you this is the correct route to follow as Capita are unable to amend or make any changes to an assessment report once it has been submitted to DWP. If DWP have any queries regarding a claimants case, they will contact Capita directly. As such any dispute regarding the assessment report or the decision making process, must be referred to DWP directly.


    If you wish to dispute the information within your assessment report, please contact DWP on 0800 121 4433, and follow the options for the Mandatory Reconsideration team.


    Kind Regards,


    Customer Relations Case Handler

    Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

  • Waylay
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    Did you ask to make a formal complaint? That worked for me.


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