Tribunal date

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Hi ive got my date for appeal hearing on 10th of april. Im so sick with nerves. Does anyone have any tips please 


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    Hi @lixsharp13
    We have some videos about preparing for appeal hearing and what to do on the day.
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    Can't really add much help @lixsharp13 apart from to say good luck..

    I am learning that as I am getting older that the stress worrying over things I can't change only makes me worse, which in itself shows just how bad one can get and the support we as disabled people need. In the pass I have had huge anxiety attacks when having to attend medicals etc for employment or benefits, I think this has made me worse due to the lack of sleep the night before, my disabilities have been effected etc. Try and get someone to help you show that it is effecting you mentally and emotionally going through these appeals and fighting for what you deserve isn't right but if you where not effected by it then it could make them think that you are coping when you are not.