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Help - nearly 7yr old with dsypraxia, anxiety and anger issues.

Help, my nearly 7yr old was recently diagnosed with dsypraxia with hyper-mobility but the last few months has become more anxious and angry. He's struggling to adapt to any change to anything. Being told no and generally not coping with home life (there has been no change at home) and he's fine with the structure of school and the classroom. He is chewing alot to satisfy his need for oral sensory, he doesn't like weighted blankets, strong holding/cuddles when anxious or angry. 
We are struggling to get the the route of things and help him, we were recommended books to manager anger but the more he has the meltdowns the more I am thinking the anger is from the anxiety. 
We had our diagnosis and have since been discharged from all the specialists, do I go back to them and see what can be done to help him. I'm at a loss as I've had alot of negative feedback from people that have dealt with CAMHS so do feel reluctant to ask for that referral. 
Any other suggestions??
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