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Its now 10 days since the DWP texted me to say my forms to fill in for PIP have been posted and yet they have not yet arrived. Is this unusual? I can't ring to ask as I have  severe phone phobia ( due to, anxiety and hearing problems ) and do everything by internet or text. My CPN has arranged 2 appointments by now to help me fill in forms since she applied for me now 8 weeks ago and nothing doing yet. They are so slow. I don't know if the non appearance of forms is a problem or not  Another thing to stress about!


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    Hi caitainsley and welcome
    10 days is not unusual but you have 28 days from the date of the letter to return
    You can ask for a 2 week extension
    Can  you get someone to ring on your behalf ?

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
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    I will have to if it doesn't arrive soon. I dont like to pester people unless needed.

    Since second class post is 2 to 5 days what snail mail do the DWP use !
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    @caitainsley Hi there, yep many of the letters I have received lately from them have taken more than 10 days (according to the date on the letter) so if you add the 10 days it will take to send a letter back that will probably give you less than a week to reply without calling them to ask for an extension.

    Lol snail mail, maybe they should hire pigeons to deliver the mail and answer the phones........would probably be a lot quicker and get a lot clearer answers