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Adult with CP

Tarakona80 Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi all I'm new here so please be patient!

I am an adult living with CP. I remember when I was a kid, there's was lots of physio exercise and a few tantrums on my part! After all what kid truly understands why mum and dad are making them wear silly boots and do weird painful stretches?

The problem is that as I have got older, new "interesting" developments have occurred. There doesn't seem to be ANY help out there for adults and if you do manage to pin down a doctor for more than 2 seconds of "here take this pain killer" they just say that CP in non degenerative so it can't be that ( or go completely the other way and blame it for everything) but at no point ever stop to try offer real solutions that don't involve more and more stronger pain killers. 

Does anyone have any suggestions ( no matter how crazy) on what I can do to ease things or what I can expect to appear as I get older?

Seriously, anything at all at this stage!

Cheers in advance



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