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please need help with fibromyalgia??????

krosh7 Member Posts: 3 Listener
hi everyone 
i am 23 year old last year i had a fatal car accident where i lost conciousnes for hours, end up with bilateral femur fracture and had operation done for that.
since then my life has turned upside down, after accident i started to have headaches and my legs were hurting i taught its normal as i had broken bones but then my back, arm, chest, and every part of my body started to ache and burn, i have problem with my memory and i am in constant pain even writing here feels like i am building rocket science, march 2018 i was diagnoses with fibromyalgia and i am taking  Gabapentin 1800 mg, oxicodan hydrochloride 40 mg a day, that has not changed or reduced the amount of suffering i am going through right now.
i was due to start my first year of uni in September 2017 but i feel like someone has puntured my brain i am forgetful and i can't concentrate, i do pilates and push my self to be active but i feel tired.
if there is any help that could reduce my pain would be apriciated .
thank you guys 



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