What benefits am I entitled to?
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What support could I get?

I have recently been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the last year, at the age of 24, suffering associated anxiety and OCD symptoms as a result. As a child I wore splints and received physiotherapy for mild cerebral palsy - which means I can't walk too far or fast without walking on my toes and having a burning pain in my shins. I was premature and very small when born so have a vp shunt for hydrocephalus. Would I be able to claim pip or esa? Thanks 


  • ColourfullColourfull Member Posts: 59 Courageous
    Hi to you Harley,

    Sorry you are having so many problems like me.

    I was also born Premature @t 32 weeks with lots of health problems if you would like to stay in touch let me know would be nice if you would as would be very helpfull.

  • Harley_QuinnHarley_Quinn Member Posts: 27 Connected
    @Colourfull hi what would you like to talk about? 
  • ColourfullColourfull Member Posts: 59 Courageous
    Hi Harley,

    I just find it So Hard to do the things that everyday people do, normally such as housework I had to take a steroid just to do 3 days housework.

    And get a lot of pain n stiffness in all my joints and also a lot of swelling in the back of my shoulder too docs tuesday.

    I also find it So Hard to loose weight this really annoys me as I can' cope with being overweight diabetes arthritis and
    fibromyalgia all from being premature.

    Thanks for Listening.

  • Harley_QuinnHarley_Quinn Member Posts: 27 Connected
    @Colourfull hi I'm sorry to hear about that, I'm unable to comment on the arthritis pain issue, but I can relate to having difficulty doing every day things that other people don't think about like walking as quickly as others, being able to make eye contact when talking, and I struggle with sensory things like I'm feel the cold a lot and noise distresses me
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