Cerebral Palsy
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Walking ability changes

LN2010LN2010 Member Posts: 6 Listener
edited March 2018 in Cerebral Palsy
sorry for a strange subject heading. 
I wanted to ask if children develop abnormal walking styles or it’s always the way they walked? 

We arent diagnosed CP but she had baby signs of it and never followed it up as she seemed to have caught up. 

My daughter was 2 in January and since then her walking has changed. We were watching closely as my boys have abnormal walking gait due to their difficulties and she walked with her feet straight ‘normally’. 

Since 2 she’s struggling to walk and is in pain with her bad Side now. Her left has always been stronger than her right side. She was left handed very early aged until she got some right hand strength about 18m old and colours and draws using her right now. 


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