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Advice for getting a cleaner and a social services care assessment

sakinahsakinah Member Posts: 14 Connected
hi im knew on this site, came across it on another discussion about cleaning.

im wondering if i could get some advice about hiring a cleaner, im completely ignorant to it.
i have end stage kidney disease and on dialysis, i also suffer with osteomalacia, so i have restricted mobility, and complex symptoms varying degrees of pain  stiffness and weakness in many parts of my body.  I live in my flat with my 18 yr old son who works everyday, and i am not able to keep up with my cleaning duties due to my symtpoms. only time i can do some cleaning is if i take a cocktail of pain relief and i don't want to keep doing that as it not good for my kidneys.

i appreciate anykind of advice or feedback that could direct me in hiring a cleaner and if it would be worth getting a social services care assessment, has anyone had any experiences regarding these, i would love to hear from them. I am a very anxious, nervous person and have difficulty with people as i have social phobia so that's why i have come on this site for some advice.
Redsapphire (sakinah)


  • BarbiesnemesisBarbiesnemesis Member Posts: 86 Pioneering
    Hello @sakinah I have had social services care assessments and it is something that has been very positive for me. The people I have dealt with have always been very nice to me - I get very anxious around people too. It sounds like it could be really useful for you too. I have a Personal Assistant for 12 hours per week from Direct Payments (who could do your cleaning), and I have had assessments for my physical health from Adult Social Care. I was referred by my mental health worker for this and received all sorts of helpful equipment from them - they are installing a snazzy new toilet and a shower in my bathroom sometime in the summer! They're also carrying out a lot of work on my outside steps to make it more accessible for me. The only thing to be aware of is that they do look at your income to see if you are eligible for help when they assess you. As for a cleaner, word of mouth is best. I belong to a few local online groups and if you do too, you could ask them who they would recommend. If I'm looking for a service I look online and read their reviews because it can give you a good idea as to how people rate them.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 1,756 Listener
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  • MisscleoMisscleo Member Posts: 646 Pioneering
    Dont you have to be a member to get help from which
    They say £3 but they charge a lot more 
    But if anyonr finds a proper cleaner im in too please
  • Zoey51Zoey51 Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hi there @saginar I am in the same position as you are now. I have just received my new closomat toilet new wetroom shower, a fitted air mattress on my bed. So once the assessment is done things will fall into place. I am using the council supported Rowen organisation who have a list of carers for domestic and personal care, they do all of the payroll so going onto to direct payments has halved the cost of care that I was previously receiving from council care. Something to be aware of when explaining your symptoms and the knock on affect they have, make sure you tell them how much pain this causes and remember social workers deal with this on a daily basis so don't be embarrassed . Have somebody with you who knows you and your daily routine, this will be a powerful advocate for your assessment .
    I wish you well, and hope things start to get better soon.
    If you need to chat at anytime your very welcome to message me.  Take care x
  • BarbiesnemesisBarbiesnemesis Member Posts: 86 Pioneering
    Hello @Zoey51 can I ask a quick question - how long did it take the builders to do the shower and closomat toilet?
  • donnasmythdonnasmyth Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hi, I hired a cleaner privately and it was the best thing I've done. I would say read reviews and make sure it is a reputable company. It's not that expensive and takes a weight off my mind.
  • Zoey51Zoey51 Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hi @Barbiesnemesis it took ten weeks after the assessment was done. It took an afternoon for the toilet and two days to do the wetroom. It will depend on the criteria of your local authority as to how much funding is available. 
  • sakinahsakinah Member Posts: 14 Connected
    hi @barbienemesis

    i don't remember if i replied if i didnt i apologise, i was away for a while due to my condition and symtpoms, about the housing post im still debating what to do about it.  i may if i can afford just an hours cleaning a week do it myself with a private contractor out of my carers money since my recent carer is no longer available due to separation.

    i can clean sometimes but other times if dialysis is a bad treatment session time i get absolutely exhausted or it could be something else like inflammation in my leg from osteomlacia, or clinical depression where my motivation just isn't there from so much to deal with.

    thanks for your input i appreciate it, hope all is well with yourself
    take care

    sakinah x

    Redsapphire (sakinah)

  • sakinahsakinah Member Posts: 14 Connected
    hi @Barbiesnemesis

    just rechecked the post was it about the wet room getting done, i cant find the post, silly me still primitive on computer.  i was going to get my wet room done well updated but it hasn't been done yet, again housing is telling me to go to occupational therapist and occupational therapist is telling me to go to housing. it was housing that sent me the letter in the first place saying that occupational therapist insisted that my wet room was inspected to make sure its efficient for my disabilities, i been going round in circles got so tiring i give up in the end.

    thinking about it now i think i will make a report about my shower its absolutely useless, the pressure is so low u cant have a decent shower in it and also its stuck to the wall and if im feeling really bad and sitting having a shower i cant remove it to have the shower lower so annoying so im gonna call them today about it 

    just as well i checked in today getting me something that needs doing that's been forgotten lol xx 

    again take care have a nice day

    sakinah xx
    Redsapphire (sakinah)

  • littleruthie123littleruthie123 Member Posts: 490 Pioneering
    @Barbiesnemesis just read your post and your positive input with your care .mines been really difficult .finally got hours sorted and the amount they want is unfortunately too high  I have a maximum amount which isent bad  but for smaller hours I would be paying alot .did you friend your fare charges team fair?
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