Mental health issues
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Severe anxiety to severe depression

susan48susan48 Member Posts: 2,229 Disability Gamechanger
edited March 2018 in Mental health issues
Im sutruggling to understand why I go from being so anxious I cant eat, sleep, sit still to major depression.
so tired but can’t sleep, no energy and don’t want to see, talk to anyone?? Everything is  an effort and struggle.
It scares me, I can’t seem to get out of this cycle.

Help please if you can


  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @susan48, thanks for sharing this with us. I'm so sorry to hear that things are difficult. Are you receiving any support for your mental health at the moment?
  • susan48susan48 Member Posts: 2,229 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi PippaScope,
    I’m have been referred again via my gp, receive a letter confirming I’m on the waiting list, 6 months wait.
    all I have is my friend and son who help will medication, support in cooking etc. I just accidentally took a sleeping tablet. Looks like I will be staying in bed today, friends kindly staying this evening to look after the dogs and that I’m ok.
    dont know what I would do without them

    thanks pippa
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  • WaylayWaylay Member Posts: 949 Pioneering
    I'm the same. It makes me incapable of functioning a great deal of the time. So exhausting. So hard. It doesn't help with the pain or self-care or doing physio/other treatments, and the pain causes worsening of the mental illnesses. 

    I'm in the local BPD service, but they just warehouse us. I'm not eligible for any other help on the NHS because I'm not ill enough to get therapy through the BPD service, but too ill to get anything from IAPT. 

    I go to group therapy through a charity, but am thinking of leaving, as I can no longer afford the (minimal) fees. I have an amazing personal therapist who charges me £10 a week, andawe've been spending a lot of time working through my past traumas. II di get some pain psychology help through the pain clinic, but not for long.

    I'm very lucky to have 2 very supportive partners, a wonderful best friend, and a couple of other friends, all of whom have their own experiences of mental illness. I feel like such a burden on them, for the past 6 months.

    I'm tired. Every time I start getting better I get another brown envelope, and I disintegrate again. Every time it's more difficult to recover, and every time the symptoms are worse. At some point, I won't make it back. 

    What can we do? 

  • susan48susan48 Member Posts: 2,229 Disability Gamechanger
    Thank you all,
    for your continued support.
    seems even the little things are overwhelming right now.
    its sunny today so went for a walk near the river, was nice a quiet.

  • susan48susan48 Member Posts: 2,229 Disability Gamechanger
    thats for the message. I replied 

  • WaylayWaylay Member Posts: 949 Pioneering
  • crippscripps Member Posts: 412 Pioneering
  • AdeyAdey Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Hi I have pstd due due to attempt on my life while I was asleep with knife I've scored o points and lost upper tribunial was treated terrible told I should be better had to really due to receptors moving for anxiety and travel etc I was getting care component also previously

    Yesterday had another face to face to traumatic for me and I had serious attack it was awfull security man panicked trying to calm me the assessor ran out after they came back by which time I was over the worst have me a drink the assessor held my hand and said I wasn't well enough clearly and she was going to phone her boss 
  • SugarCoatedSugarCoated Member Posts: 53 Courageous
    I was given a leaflet by my gp to contact insight health care in Calderdale, called them yesterday and they booked me in for a phone assessment to discuss what they can do to help me. Maybe you can contact a charity or organisation until you get your appointment. I know I need help I keep struggling to reach out that's my problem. But I want to get better for my husband for my kids. I give up to easily hopefully not this time.
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