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International Day of Happiness - what makes you happy?

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Today is International Day of Happiness! The event was created to recognise the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world and has been celebrated globally since it was first held on 20th March 2013. 

Happiness and the actions that we take to achieve it looks different for everyone depending on what your situation is and what is important to you. Self-care and looking after mental health can be a mix of getting help from others and setting aside time for you to do something that helps your well-being - whether that's reading, meditating, or trying a new exercise. 

Every year this day has a different theme, and the theme this year is “Share Happiness”. This community is a warm and welcoming place where members share happiness through being supportive and offering advice, and people feel secure in talking about their experiences.

We would like to share with you the tips regarding mental health that members of the community have suggested, including a list of organisations that can offer support. We also want to know about what's important to your happiness, and about those unique things that you do to look after your well-being.

What are your favourite ways of practising self-care? Do you have any tips about mental health? Whether it's small or big, regular or infrequent - share what makes you happy in the comments below!




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