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Volunteer work

peach72 Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi I have a 30 yr old brother who has ADHD and mild autism he still lives at home with our mum he’s on medication for depression and I’m looking for ways to get him out of the house and possibly some volunteer work? When he was younger he had someone who came and took him out and did volunteer work on a farm which he really enjoyed but there doesn’t seem to be any help for him now he’s older. My mum said she’s been to a local advise centre to ask but they told her there’s nothing to offer which I think is a bit strange? Does anyone know of an organisation or charity that can help? Thanks in advance x


  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,673 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @peach72
    There are volunteering opportunities within Scope you could look at 

    And here are some links you could check out:

    Where can I find disability-friendly volunteer opportunities?

    Disabled people should have the same opportunities to volunteer as anyone else, so search your postcode to find volunteering opportunities in your local area.

    If you live in Wales, Volunteering Wales is a great starting point for volunteering opportunities.

    Scope has a large number of disabled volunteers supporting our work. We welcome applications from disabled people to all volunteer opportunities available at Scope.

    Volunteering Matters works with local organisations and businesses to help disabled people in supported placements in many different work environments such as retail, gardening and hospitals.

    Can Do offers exciting opportunities for 16 to 35‑year-old disabled people to volunteer in their community.

    Change100 provides internships for disabled students and graduates.

    Vinspired has a section of home-based volunteering opportunities if you don't want to travel.

    Senior online community officer
  • laurahc__
    laurahc__ Member Posts: 34 Courageous
    Do-it.org  is also worth a look, it's similar to Vinspired. 
  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
    Local adult learning team or careers advice should be able to point in right direction. There are usually local or online sites to look for volunteering . Google volunteering and your area. My world of work online has tips on volunteering and finding out about your strengths using questionnaires which can be helpful in choosing a particular pathway. Good luck.


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