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Thank you Scope

reenie Member Posts: 23 Courageous
Just wanted to say a big thank you to scope and the ones who offered me advice recently. Becoming disabled whilst my children  still need me has been very difficult to except.
Since your advice and support I have felt more able to focus on what I can try to do not what I can't. Easter wasn't something I was looking forward to as we normally do our egg hunts outside. This year I decided to do it in their bedrooms and used this to spur the monkeys on to tidy their rooms. Much easier for me physically and they really enjoyed it. Then we played games on my bed competing for the left over chocolate while I rested.
Today we 'splashed' in puddles. Well I drove through them on my mobility scooter whilst they jumped.
It is hard to except this is for life but the support on here helps me see ..1, I am lucky I still have some mobility even if it is slow and restrictive and 2, I can still have fun with the kids sometimes.
So thank you to Scope and all the hard work that must go into everything you do.



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