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Am I autistic?

BeckyT Member Posts: 5 Connected
edited April 2018 in Autism and neurodiversity
Hi.  I now there’s been loads of information around on ASDs recently. My eldest son has multiple disabilities and has recently been referred for an autism assessment by his paediatrician. As a family we’ve been pretty certain he has autism since he was 18months old so I’m glad the doctors are finally doing something about it. In all my research though, I was only really thinking about my son and never related what I was reading to myself; my thinking is often very linear like that. I read something about how autism effects women differently to men recently. I read accounts from five different women with ASD diagnosis’ about how autism effects them. By the end of the article, I was almost in tears because it was like reading a story about myself. I’ve booked an appointment with my GP to discuss it which is next week. In the mean time though, I’ve been half convincing myself that I’m being over dramatic and the doctor will just tell me that I’m being ridiculous. 
My question really is, what is the process like for autism assessment when you’re an adult and am I likely to have to fight for it like we have had to for my son? I don’t think I can do that again. 



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