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I have been reading about a whistleblower who worked for Atos said the Accessors saw claimants in two different worlds the real and the PIP world. They where given four slots per day, had about 15/20 minutes to read your notes before the accessment and if you had a lot of supportive evidence there was not enough time to read it all properly. When scoring they where told to lower the score than they would have liked or the claimant deserved, if not reports were sent back for amending. Take some to stick their head above the parpit to let the people know what's been going n for years.


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    I did link a thread about similar.

    I've moved on from all this now. 
    Recommendations have been made by that report somewhere there is a thread on here.  We know the system is flawed, doesn't work on both sides, that's us as well not understanding what's required. 

    I didn't do the MR partly because I wanted/ needed to get on with my life. 

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    Disgraceful.    How  does one  over come  this so claimants   can  get the  correct awards  of points.

    Every person  in the country should take  there  case  to tribunal 
    Flood  the  court  system in  this way   the   government   should  relook  at  all  cases.

    When  it starts to  cost the government more  money.  It should  bring   them to heel. 
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    Taking a case to a tribunal isn't enough, the government seem undeterred by the sheer volume of people taking their claim to a court or the waiting time it takes for the appeal to be heard .

    What is needed is for a charity or campaign group to take the DWP to court for falsifying and twisting the evidence that is presented to them, until then nothing will change and the lies will continuing.

    In the meantime the misery continues for those who are entitled to help & support but are cruelly denied it by the likes of ATOS and the DWP, my wife has been waiting 36 weeks now for her appeal date and has been without PIP for a total of 46 weeks.  Shameful.
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    I agree
     so scope are you going to take DWP to court?
    We the people are helpless to get the Change ourselvrs.
    Wr not well enough and we havmt the clout 
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    Hasn't the house of Commons recommended some changes? 

    It can't all be the assessors, some of us won't qualify, end of sorry.
    What's written might be an interpretation of what was said. I barely know what I said last week, let alone few months ago when stressed. 
    Fair enough if you personally are effected then complain. 
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    ask yourself the question ..is it possible these people on boards have an agenda .same questions different folk ...only saying 
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    My assessor rang me at 7pm the night before she was coming on her mobile to confirm the assessment , she told me she was looking at my report when she ends our call , so she had all night to look at my claim so I don' think 20 minutes is right at all .
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    You can put questions to your mp online and raise it at parliament. It is taken note of in black and white . I think yes there needs to be a campaign. Can Scope help? Arguing amongst ourselves doesn’t help anyone and it’s stressful enough dealing with life on a daily basis. What is helpful is constructive comments and advice when someone has come on here asking for it. Good luck and let’s be kind.