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justg72justg72 Member Posts: 173 Pioneering
Hi I wondered if anyone has any advice on what to do next. I went for an assessment and the computers were down as I have mentioned on this site before.  I have put a complaint in and asked for a copy of my assessment report.  Im disgusted at all the fabrication of lies she has put in the report. She hardly asked me any questions but has answered every single one of the questions even though I wasn't asked them. She has made a lot of it up this makes me sick.  How the hell do they getaway with this. The friend who came with me said he must have been in a different asassessment because half of the questions weren't asked he could nt believe what he was reading most of it lies. With the computers been down she hasn't looked at any of my evidence.  She even has the cheek to comment on my seizures even though she didn't see my seizure diaries. I should have refused the assessment but I would be kicked off for that.  It should nt of gne a head. It also mentioned me using Facebook and social media which I haven't used for 6 years. I wasn't asked anything about Facebook I have nothing to hide however just be aware that they are checking your name on social media sites and are using this information to their advantage. Thrown off pip even though I have severe epilepsy not under control.  I suffer from depression because of temporal lobe epilepsy she said I was fine. I cried in the assessment no mention of this only how well I looked and I could do everything fine all lies again.  I know you put an MR letter in but where do you think I stand with the computers been down and this affected others who were getting assessed the same time as me. Any advice would be must appreciated as im so stressed out and keep crying.  Justg72


  • lindadeniselindadenise Member Posts: 302 Pioneering
    If it was me i would ask the DWP for another Assessment and insist that Capita find you another appointment and redo your assessment. I fail to see how you can go through the assessment without information a and a copy of your pip form.
    Insist on a new appointment.
    Goodluck i am sure there is some good people on here that can advise you.
  • Tigermoth42Tigermoth42 Member Posts: 242 Pioneering
    Hi all, I’m in absolute bits atm, I’ve had an assessment and, quite frankly, based on the dwp letter which is based on the assessors report, they might just as well have been talking about someone else. The assessor woman has consistently lied and deliberately misreported what I said and did, she said I stood and bent down, reaching halfway down my shins, I didn’t do this exercise as I can’t bend. When I touched my shins I was sitting down, as I have long arms I reached mid shin. She said there was no evidence of swelling, she didn’t look at my legs which are about twice their normal size. She said I can undertake and plan a journey unaided, I specifically told her I can’t do this. She said I needed assistance to get in and out of the bath, I told her I can’t use a bath at all & my husband washes me whilst I sit on a stool in the shower, she made no reference to this stating I used aids to wash! I can’t prepare a meal in the oven, she’s ignored that and said I can. My hip flexion is normal, not tested as I couldn’t get on the bed! My ankle movement are normal, they’re not, I can straighten my knees, she never asked me to do this. I got upset when talking about pain, total lie, I was upset talking about going out on my own and the thought of it upset me, I then spent the rest of the interview in tears although she said I recovered quickly and was laughing and engaging, again a total lie unless she’s referring to the hysterical laughter once we’d finished as I was so relieved. Etc etc. I’m staggered they can get away with this, I had higher rate mobility for 6 years and the same for the care component, I’m worse now than I was at the last assessment oh and to add insult to injury the assessor said I walked 25 metres and the dwp bint has assessed me as being able to walk 50 - 200 metres - based on what I’d like to know. They’re basically calling me a liar. I have already started the ball rolling for mandatory reconsideration. They did the same thing to my sister! Sorry it’s so long but I’m absolutely floored by the whole experience. 
  • lindadeniselindadenise Member Posts: 302 Pioneering
    I had the same with my assessor i might aswell been someone else im actually far worse since my first award but no i lost 2 points this time. Nothing for mobility when i cant walk upto 200m like they said i could. I have done a MR my daughter who took me to the assessment was absolutely shocked when she saw tbe report.
    I feel like they called me a liar.
    I am furious but stressed out with the system. I had reports from 2 neurologists they are overlooking the consultants reports when they know nothing about your conditions unbelievable.
    Goodluck with your MR.
  • CockneyRebelCockneyRebel Member Posts: 5,257 Disability Gamechanger
    It does not matter that the computer system was down for assessment. They can carry out an assessmnet with paper and crayon if they want to. All of your information is logged into the system which they should access when writing the report normally after the assessment from the notes made at the time. Although the HCP should have read your notes before the assessment, it is still possible to carry out a functionality assessment without prior knowledge, it is not a medical assessment

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • justg72justg72 Member Posts: 173 Pioneering
    Hi Tigermoth42 from justg72                                    Just before you wrote your thread I wrote just wrote. You may have been responding due to what I wrote in my thread.  The same happened to me the report is mostly lies she said things I haven't and not put other things in it when should.  It's disgusting they can do what they want and take disability off genuine ill people.  She never asked me about mobility but has put her own answers not MINE. I've lost everything. What makes me really mad is theres no mention on the report at all that the computers down and she hasn't been able to look at my evidence and seizure diaries. I struggle with my life and still have nt come to terms with my epilepsy some days I don't want to be here anymore the depression is awful. I have worked all my life and lost everything when I became ill my job my house my car my independence I could go on forever. Its totally life changing. See what happens with my complaint and another will be done about the lies she has said.  Good luck Tigermoth42 and fight for the benefits you deserve they make you sick let us know how you get on and vice versa. Justg72
  • Tigermoth42Tigermoth42 Member Posts: 242 Pioneering
    Hi Justg72, I’m so sorry you’ve experienced the same problems that I have, i.e, your report was basically lies, and it’s apalling that they haven’t taken your supporting evidence into consideration. I’ve just read a very interesting article which was saying that it’s a known fact that the assessors lie on their reports and have been called out by claimants  on many occasions, the vast majority of which have had their initial decisions overturned and their benefits reinstated. I totally get your frustration and, again like you, I have severe depression and, at times, crippling anxiety. Without my car I’m basically confined to the house as I struggle with social situations & can no more use public transport or cabs than I can fly to the moon. It would appear that her report is a tissue of lies and inaccuracies, I’ve asked for a copy and have a doctors appointment to ask for a supporting letter from him. I also have letters from the pain clinic which I shall enclose with my written response to their, quite frankly, ridiculous assessment. How the dwp person, who’s never met me, can come to the decision based on the assessors report that i walked 25 metres (who measured it?) that I can in fact walk 50 to 200 metres is totally beyond me. I think what makes me seethe is that they’re basically calling me a liar. Some days (more often than not) I find it hard to put one foot in front of the other as the pain is so bad. The other thing is her total disregard of anything I said, in fact she’s put the exact opposite, I do wonder what her qualifications are that enable her to make a life changing decision on my case in the space of 45 minutes. I won’t let this rest, it’s totally out of order, lies, lies, and untruths! I will be complaining to the assessors as well as fighting my corner with the dwp, luckily I have a very supportive husband, god knows how people deal with this on their own. Whilst the mandatory reassessment goes ahead I’m able to keep my car for 8 weeks, it’s not long but at least they’re not taking it off me straight away. Motability recently changed their methods of working, it used to be that you could keep your car for three weeks, I find it quite telling that this has been extended to 8, makes you wonder why! Probably because this is happening more often than not and, it would appear, most people win their case. If there’s anything I can do to help please don’t hesitate to ask. Thinking of you and don’t let them win! Keep in touch, much love
  • Tigermoth42Tigermoth42 Member Posts: 242 Pioneering
    Hi Lindadenise, like you I’m worse now than in my previous two assessments but they’ve completely ignored this. Just awarded me the basics, I fail to see how they can decide how far you can walk based on a short walk to the assessment room, I couldn’t even use the toilet at the assessment centre because, and the disabled toilet was out of order, it was too far away. Didn’t mention that in her fictional report. That’s it, it’s a complete work of fiction. Saying I stood up and bent over touching my mid shin is a bare faced lie!! I was sitting down as I said in my initial rant, I mean I might as well not have been there and she just made up some nonsense and sent it off to the dwp. The whole system is wrong and fraught with deceit and deliberate mis-reporting in order to save money. Good luck with your MR too, do keep me posted, anything I can do to help just ask. X
  • lindadeniselindadenise Member Posts: 302 Pioneering
    Thanks i will do im absolutely fuming but i will fight to the bitter end.
  • Tigermoth42Tigermoth42 Member Posts: 242 Pioneering
    Hi Lindadenise, I’m going to write my letter for the MR today and just thought I’d let you have a little snippet I picked up yesterday whilst chatting to a close friend. Her partner, also a friend, works in the mental health sector and, last Thursday, he had a bank nurse working with him. During the evening he found out that her normal job is as an assessor for the dwp. She told him they have targets and therefore have to deliberately fail people on their assessment. When he said “don’t you feel bad about failing people?” she just said “they can appeal” in quite a dismissive manner. How utterly disgusting is that!! However, it confirms what I’ve read recently that these so-called health professionals are totally unsuited to the job and the dwp needs to look again at their methods of working. We’re being treated like second class citizens for being disabled. I’m sure none of them would want my miserable pain wracked life. Like you I intend to fight to the bitter end! Hope your ok my lovely x 
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