Cerebral Palsy
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Head mash

TeamLeonieTeamLeonie Member Posts: 23 Connected
Hi my name is Vicky I have a little girl called Leonie she has Spastic Quadriplegia cerebral Palsy she passed her power chair test a few ago and he mobility car I have now ( ford titanium smax ) will not fit her power chair in and her pacer when we are out and about . It won’t even fit the power chair in . I paid £2500 towards this one only less than a year and a half ago . What do I do ? 
Plus any advice on fund raising tips on my Daughters justgiving page . Because fitted the categories for the SDR operation so for the last 3 weeks with all been doing fundraising. The aftercare is more then the operation and if you know about this you’ll know it’s not funded on the NHS . If it was they wouldn’t do it because Leonie unfortunately isn’t mobile and can not walk without a pacer and that’s minimal .
Any advice would be gratefully received or just have a look on her justgiving page for more info please .
thank you x


  • TeamLeonieTeamLeonie Member Posts: 23 Connected
    Excuse typos it’s a little bit hard to do this on my mobile lol
  • nicebootsniceboots Member Posts: 196 Pioneering
    Hi Vicky, contact motability and tell them the car no longer fits your daughters needs. Although you are in a 3 year contract with them I’m pretty sure they make allowances for changes in condition or equipment, I had a situation about 6 years ago where I was really struggling to get in and out of my car on what I call bad cp days and my physio suggested contacting motability saying I needed a taller car. They were really helpful, but as I only had a few months left with that car I decided to wait until my renewal, rather than rushing into getting another car. 
    Hope this helps 
  • TeamLeonieTeamLeonie Member Posts: 23 Connected
    @niceboots Yes I’m in the 3 year contract agreement with them . I will contact them too . Thank you so much because I have been worried sick about this . Because I have to travel to Lincoln to pick the powerchair up with Leonie to make sure her body brace fitted in it fits etc . I was like ok how do I get it back to where I live . Thank you so so much that’s really helpful xx
  • nicebootsniceboots Member Posts: 196 Pioneering
    No problem, that’s what the community is all about! 
    I was also going to mention about fundraising for sdr - although I’ve not fundraised for sdr, I’ve done a lot of charity challenges, and used to volunteer for a local hospice - Facebook is really helpful for getting the message out there. Particularly if you’re doing raffles and things. If you can get local businesses to donate, you can share their pages on yours and it’s free advertising for them!
    Its also handy for letting people know how things are going, not only with fundraising, but also with your daughters progress, so they can see where their money is going and also raise a bit of cp awareness too!!
  • TeamLeonieTeamLeonie Member Posts: 23 Connected
    @niceboots I’m not on social media I haven’t been for about 8 years . My friends and family have been posting sharing &  hassling for me lol . It’s working but we have to pay for the operation first before Leonie can have it . Which is fair enough as the Professor explained why , which I totally understood . 
    Thank you again xx
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