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Ive just received a letter for home visit f2f from pip

070965Sl070965Sl Member Posts: 17 Listener
edited April 2018 in PIP, DLA and AA
Im out of my mind scared worried about my f2f my disabilities are inside and i always feel like no one believes me i have chronic body pain everywhere constantly i also have an old back injury that i got when a drunk driver came up and took me with him i also have arthritis chronic kidney disease stage 3 all inside my pain relief has been taken away as it affects my kidney function so on the outside it looks like theres nothing wrong especially with no meds how on earth do i get through my f2f


  • Roma_FletcherRoma_Fletcher Member Posts: 30 Courageous
    Hi, I too suffer with chronic pain, so I have been keeping a pain diary, in which I always write how my pain has affected my day. You may not be able to show your pain. But can show how it affects you, my adult children also back me up by writing out a statement saying what they have to do for me. Do have anything which you use to help you around your home, e.g. I have to use big handled cutlery because it's easier to grip. Does this help at all. I also suffer from severe depression and anxiety which again no one can see, so I understand how you feel. I'm no professional, I'm just sharing my ideas. I really hope that this gives you some hope. Good luck ❤️
  • 070965Sl070965Sl Member Posts: 17 Listener
    Hi roma thank you this has helped me think of a few things i can do i have a disabled shower extra hand rail on stairs a grabber for things i cant bend to lift a bed bar and a few other things i could use to show how i need help i feel nervous but better now i no i can show these things thank you
  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @070965Sl, thanks for sharing this with us. So sorry to hear about your worries- I have invisible illnesses myself and know how frustrating it can be when others can't see your pain. Roma's offered some great suggestions above, and you may also like to take a look at our information and guidance on PIP.

    Do keep us updated and let us know how you get on!
  • 070965Sl070965Sl Member Posts: 17 Listener
    Thank you pippa im so sorry to hear you are in the same situation i wanted to thank you for your kind words and i will write up how i got on take care xx
  • Roma_FletcherRoma_Fletcher Member Posts: 30 Courageous
    I'm just glad that I can help, even ifs just a little bit because it helps you to feel a little bit better, which is good.  <3
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