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Please advise

I was not in this situation, until the move to a flat given by a religious community.
I was suffering from mental health issues for many years with some physical illness, but not like this. 

Nine months ago, I was very happy until the landlord died and we were facing extremely poor eviction after twenty years. 

Cut the long story short, we moved, with much heavy lifting and I suffered from over active bladder and went through a surgery and still suffering even more. 
The landlord never fixed a single thing with me being in stress, I had a suspected myocardial infarction and other intrusions. 
There was black mold for six months and the washing machine had leaking from dirty sink water and till this day I am literally living with sewage smell around the place and having to cry over wasted clothes. 

I was so run down and developed viral aggressive arthritis and uti and now am in agony. 

Suffice to say, the painting of mould was done about a month ago  . 

Anyway I explained all the issues to the GPS and they ignored the root issues  but kept paying for letters and with little support from psychiatrist, I went down hill  

I asked for a blood test and my immune system is very low. 

When I saw my surgeon  he was flabbergasted with my weight loss and explained to him my living. He ascertained that the mold and contaminated water will exacerbate my health  And he addressed his concerns to my gp that we need to move  

Now I am so fatigued and in agony in all my bones, urination like crazy and going crazy in looking for a property. 
I can't do much as I don't have any one to guarantee me and scared of this place. I am so unhappy with the lack of support and landlord ignorance that I am giving up surviving. I am very scared for my cats health and really can't afford to deteriote further. 

Environment health never came but I have never felt this bad before  

Please can someone advice me. Really appreciate your help  



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