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THE HATRED FOR DISABLED PEOPLE Or the music not for everyone

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_Hi guys! Recently I came across the fact that some rich and famous people allow themselves to behave badly and act physically with people. Please, if you do not mind, do not pass by, help to spread the information, so that everyone knows how to act in such a situation. Do not be silent, do not let others insult you. Tnx you

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While a well-known musician Matt Bellamy is shooting a girl with an amputated leg in his music video, who conquers bravely all the enemies and overcomes all the obstacles in the way, Elle Evans is 5 minutes away to becoming the wife of Matt and at the latest concert of her beloved, she beyond all doubts asks the security to make way for her but the seat is already taken by a disabled guy. Although there are plenty of vacant seats just as good as next to this one, madam Elle wants to take exactly that one seat. Upon the whole, you can watch without a problem what was going on there ( and read about it directly from the people who were at the concert and saw everything firsthand (
 After the information about the incident began leaking out to Twitter, Tom Kirk ran to the noise (who was spotted in the recent story) and weirdly to all fans, instead of apologies he just wrote that he wasn’t there at all (although SEVERAL people say that they saw him with their own eyes) and moreover the guy literally got a seat even better than he had, but in actual fact , as you can see from the video, the boy had been talking to the security for a long time and didn’t want to drift out. As judged by all comments of eyewitnesses , there was a space for the boy to put his leg on which was painful, but who cares? You are just a fan, you won’t get it … This is a shame. I think for just a second, maybe that’s possible that this is not true, after all it is very difficult for me to understand how could have anybody kicked out a guy who was hurt and suffered from pain in addition(at the same time)? REALLY? More and more people have come to hand confirming that the incident did occur and it wasn’t such a comfortable seat as it was said to us (yeah yeah we can discourse about it for a long time here referring to Tom’s twitter, I know a lot of people trust him, but you have to understand that this is a BUSINESS and nobody wants to lose their money and their “face”. While those fans who came to the concert of their favorite band made absolutely no sense to lie. I just merely want to ask since when the musicians had spat at their audience, after getting millions by them? In search of evidence, that everything happened as it was true and it wasn’t just a rumor, I started looking for information on the other sites and I’ll tell you what. Elle had outraged and humiliated a person with a disease not for the first time

I even don’t know what to say about it … What a shame! That’s not the half of it! I bumped into another person on internet who had similar situation, and guess who she was offended by? I think you have already guessed. Well you know as the saying goes if something happens once you can call it a mistake, but if it happens two or more times it is a choice. The devil of this situation is that she is allowed to commit such acts and moreover she is even defended by someone after all. You know, honestly, I have nothing to add .Somewhere in the depth of my heart I wish it wasn’t true, but unfortunately, we have to confess that if some people have money and a pull at the right places but meanwhile these people have no empathy and simply intelligence, therefore they presume too much than they should, even not thinking about own vagaries and the consequences they can lead to.

I’ll just tell one thing, I look to fans and people having any health problems – speak up please! In view of all these three situations I can make a conclusion, that the insulted people just were silent about it. They didn’t want to recall the minutes of humiliation and nonsense, you can’t blame them but if still you were humiliated, abased ,your requests were ignored or anything else – do not keep silence. Nobody has any rights to insult us! I feel bad for the people who take 12 hours trains or buses , stand up for hours in the cold, sleep in a tent on the ground , tired , hungry, sleepy just in order to see and hear their idols, and as a result they get kick in the teeth! I feel even more bad for the people who are not as sturdy as the others. Do you have any idea how difficult it is for a man in a wheelchair to get to the concert, especially if he has to go from other cities? It also takes a lot of strength, both physical and moral. To end up looking at the back. It’s terrible. Can you imagine how it feels like to wake up every day knowing that you’re not like others and every night to go to bed in hope that perhaps tomorrow someone will invent a cure from your disease and you will be able to walk, run, dance and nobody will ever look at you with a jaundiced eye! I am telling you everything just because I’ve been sick since I was born and I’m well aware of what such people have to face with every day, that’s why … All I’m saying is guys, take care of yourself! Look after yourself, don’t let anybody or anything insult you or spoil your day! Don’t be afraid to respond, ask for help and shoot on your phone if you see something like this, So there would be some evidences but don’t remain silent! I am begging you! You are not alone, we are many and we are same people like others and we are stronger than most of the others just because we appreciate life in all its forms and in any small things! I know some of you are happy just to be alive and be able to wake up in the morning and others that are able to walk at least somehow, doesn’t even matter how, but by yourself, upon their feet, smiling through pain and enjoying life at the same time like a little child. I wish each of you peace and love , for nobody and anything to cast a gloom on your life, your day, your dream! Live, be happy and LOVE YOURSELF! P.S: I’d like to add a bit and address physically healthy people – please stay a human! If you see someone in trouble, you should come up and extend a helping hand and if there is a man in a wheelchair next to you can just bring him water or do any little thing because he will have to exert a lot of effort for this, but it will not take us any. Intercede for the people who are weaker than you! Be a human. The universe speaks to us through our hearts, helping each other, caring, giving warmth and love. We make this world a little kinder, each of us can be a ray of light for someone else and each of us can cause a smile on the face of a completely unknown person. We can endlessly play a role and parade as a lady, as a good person, be surrounded by respectable people, and smile wear a set smile on each photo, but what's the point if you're the reason of someone's tears , you cannot act like a HUMAN.

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