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Housing for disabled

Hi I don't know really were to start. My fiance is disabled and suffers from depression. In the last 7 month he lost his 2 younger siblings . He just started to cope with the death of his youngest brother and then he lost his young sister 3 weeks ago. He really needs to move closer to his remaing Familie as he lives 2 hours away and he is very isolated from everyone. The only one he got is me.with the grieve and depression his suicide thoughts are very serious and I am so worried . How can we arrange or find a property ? We're do we go ,what to do? We need it sooner then later. Tonight I removed all the medication in the cupboard so he is not able to overdose


  • despondent
    despondent Member Posts: 88 Connected
    What you should do is phone up his GP and make an urgent appoinment. Then go with him to the appointment and explain to his doctor everything. If you cant get an appoinment, ask reception for his doctor to call him at home, and you explain to the doctor your fears when they call. Make sure that he is there so he can give them permission for you to speak to them. If you are worried you can always call an ambulance or take him to Accident and Emergency, they will call on a Mental Health worker to assess him. Please get him medical help urgently. Once he is being monitored by the Mental Health team you can ask them for support on moving him closer to his family.
  • feir
    feir Member Posts: 395 Pioneering
    I agree you can go to any of those above for suicidal thoughts, and also call 111.

    As for housing if you're after social housing then there is a severe lack of that, especially disabled properties. I wouldn't expect to get anything for years. Best bet is to look for a house swap luckily there are loads of sites for those.


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