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5 reasons why I enjoy city breaks

gem_turner Member Posts: 1 Listener

Hi, I’m Gem - a Yorkshire lass who loves analysing the world and enjoying the little things in life. I’m a wheelchair user and I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta which is also known as Brittle Bones. Basically, I’ve broken a lot of bones in my time (25 years to be precise)! I work in communications but in my spare time I love to blog – you can read more about my life and my thoughts on <code><a href="http://www.gemturner.com">www.gemturner.com</a>

Today I’m talking about breaks, not the bone type but the going away on holiday type. I’m not a massive fan of travelling. There have been a lot of things in the media about flying and disabled people not having the best experience. So, that’s something I’m still hoping to feel more confident with in the future. However, I love exploring new cities and today I thought I’d tell you 5 reasons why that is…

smiling young woman wearing glasses and a bright pink jacket in an electric wheelchair in a hotel room

1) Relaxed travel
One of the reasons I love to travel in the UK is knowing that I’m not that far from home. A great example of this is recently I went to Birmingham for a trip away for my mum’s birthday. We had such a lovely time. At the end of the trip we saw on the news the ‘beast from the east’ was heading our way. Now, as snow is not great with wheels – we made the decision to head home a little earlier and try and beat the snow. I loved having the freedom to just head home in our own time after a relaxed weekend away. Lovely.

2) Chain hotels
The great thing about staying in a city in the UK is that you get used to what hotels suit you – whether that’s the budget, location and of course accessibility. I’ve travelled a lot now and have a handful of well-known hotels that I know have great facilities and suit what I need. That could be the right walk in shower or high beds to be able to get onto. Having those little things makes all the difference to an enjoyable, worry free trip.

3) The variety of things to do
Travelling to different cities usually mean there is so much to offer when you arrive. From going to the cinema, theatre, restaurants and museums you can guarantee you can find something to do. I think my favourite has to be going to the theatre or finding a karaoke bar…

4) Accessible streets
Now, I know every city is different – but you can usually guarantee cities to be so much more accessible than being in a field wheel deep in mud somewhere! Finding dropped curbs can be difficult depending on where you are but I love the comfort of knowing our hotel is never far away and it’s flat pavements through the city. I love the buzz of the streets when shopping and finding new independent cafés along the way of course.

5) Flexible days
I tend to find that (especially in the winter) I can’t really do full on days. That’s why city breaks mean that I am able to plan my days to how I feel. Whether that’s relax in the day with a little stroll and go to the theatre in the night or have a full day of sight-seeing and room service and chilling in the night – the possibilities are endless!

So there we have it – 5 reasons why I love city breaks. Do you share any of these or have you got any to add? Let me know what your favourite city to visit is and why, I’d love to know!



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