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Scope for Change - aged 18-25 and want to make a difference?

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Are you disabled and aged between 18 and 25? Do you want to campaign to make a difference? We are looking for 15 young disabled people to be part of Scope for Change, our free campaign training programme. Over six months, we will provide support and training to enable you to launch and run your own campaign on an issue that matters to you. Our three-day fully-accessible residential weekend will give you all the skills you need - as well as the chance to meet other disabled campaigners. No previous experience is needed, just the drive to help us achieve everyday equality. 


Apply now at Applications close on Sunday 13 May

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  • cripps
    cripps Member Posts: 412 Pioneering
    Why the age between 18 - 25 don’t older people need the help and also aren’t they able to campaign to make a difference . Isn’t that age discrimination!!!!!!!
  • Geoark
    Geoark Member, Scope Volunteer Posts: 1,384 Disability Gamechanger
    @cripps I cannot speak for scope but in short the answer no, it is not age discrimination.

    In terms of funding and time Scope will have a number of criteria on what they are looking for in return of their investment, and while I do not know these I doubt having 15 successful campaigns is top of the list, or even near the top of the list. I know if it was me it would feature low on the list.

    At this age it is about investing in our young people. 

    They will learn a range of new skills from managing money and resources, communication methods, networking skills, time management, research, presentation skills, funding, and other things which will  not only equip them as campaigners but also future employees. 

    Despite a lot of bad press I am often amazed how socially conscious young people are and we need to cultivate this aspect of our youth.

    This is one reason I have shared this opportunity as wide as I can and wish the 15 young people all the best in their endeavours for the future. 

    As an individual I stood alone.
    As a member of a group I did things.
    As part of a community I helped to create change!


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