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Well Almost There

kah22kah22 Member Posts: 52 Courageous
edited May 2018 in PIP, DLA and AA
Well we are almost there. Our MR letter is to be back by 14th we aim to post Wednesday or Thursday with next day delivery. It’s just a matter of tidying up

Mobility, that’s the bit I can’t get my head around, especially since the Tribunal in December. So any last minute advice on how to tackle mobility. Anyone here who has achieved mobility I’d really love to here your story. The scores were Care 11 points, mobility 4 points

While I think I’ve put forward a pretty decent case our MR was written with a Tribunal in mind and also that major review that to be undertaking

Any last minute advice/tips welcomed



  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Fingers crossed for you, @kah22!
  • MatildaMatilda Member Posts: 2,616 Disability Gamechanger
    This is what I posted recently on another thread.  Some of it might be relevant to your appeal, including mobility.

    Last May I won my PIP tribunal appeal - enhanced both.  Lasted 30 mins.

    The panel are only interested in what you can and can't do.  They are looking for indications of difficulty with walking and with daily living. 

    Have your wits about you and be prepared for a grilling.  Tribunal hearings are supposed to be inquisitorial.  Panel might asked challenging questions. 

    Don't argue with the judge!

    Panel based most of their questions on the 7 day diary I submitted.

    The other two tribunal members weren't too bad - but the doctor asked some probing questions.  

    Asked for how long I could walk (time).  Always relate time to distance as just saying you can walk for X seconds or minutes without stating the distance might be interpreted as meaning you can walk farther than in fact you are able to.  Doc also asked how did I know I could only walk 20 yards?  Had I ever measured it?  I replied no, it was an estimate based on experience of distances.

    Doc asked how far from my front door was my car parked.

    Disability person asked about the aids I use.  Use of aids of course is evidence of disability.  Asked about my difficulties preparing food and eating.  I have adapted cutlery and adapted veg peeler.

    Judge and disability person asked if I use a disabled toilet when out.

    The judge and doctor both seemed to think that ability to drive indicates a low level of daily needs disability (strength, stamina).  Don't drive yourself to the hearing; take a taxi if necessary.  I only take a few short car journeys each week.

    Don't dress up, wear clothes with few fastenings, minimal jewellery and, if you are female, minimal make-up.  People, including tribunals, are very influenced by what they can actually see for themselves on the day!

    Disability Rights UK site has a good guide to all stages of PIP and they publish a Handbook that has a detailed account of appeal hearing proceedings, price £18.50 from their website or you might find a copy in your local reference library.


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