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Hi Guys First of all I would like to thank everyone on this site who has helped me with my MR Letter and advices on what to do.

Aftter waiting almost 1 month I finally called them today again to be told I was successful at MR and my ESA has been reinstated and I would get back pay. I was also told I would get phone call in next 48 hours ( not sure why they need to call me ) she said something about payment but after she told me it was success I did not pay attention to everything else she said to be fair all I hear in the end was that she requested phone back for me I did not hear why lol

So turns out MR is worth if you get actual human who will listen to your letter and explanation. I'm not saying this will work for everyone but in my case it worked for me.

I provided Letter from GP as well as letter from PIP examiner who scrored me points on my disability. I provided full list of medications I'm getting as well as explained why I should of been awarded points.

I also picked out some of the things examiner did which contridicted her report. ON 1 page she said I require help dressing because I can't bend over or bend down due to fractured back in multiple places. On page 2 she said I can bend down and pick things up from the floor. Clearly either her report on page 1 was false or her report on page 2 was false.

Either way It's worth checking letter before asking for MR to make sure examiner does not get cought out in lie.

In total I have sent over around 10 Pages for MR people did say send less to them but I figured I will chance it as I have letters and reports I need to send and 4 pages was just explnation why I should of scored points and pointing out examiners false report.

Conclusion for MR My tip wshat to do when  applying for MR.

1. Always read full report and see what kinda lies there has been put on there by examiner and point this things out.
2. Always request recorded interview This way examiner can't make things up on report which never was even asked of you.
3. Provided as much proof as possible Dr letters if you have PIP report send that also all the medications you take and so on.
4. Go trough each section on the form and type under why you disagree and why you should of been awarded points
5. This one is up to indevidual but I think sending around 10 pages to them to read is fine some members here will disagree but in my case it went in my favour.
6. Always speak to them nice in the letter after all if you nice to them they might just be nice back to you.

These are just my tips it worked for me it's up to you how you use it.

Again thanks to all members here who helped me with my other post when I was asking for help about MR I'm still going to stick around and help others best way I can :)

Thanks all the best LOST x 



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