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Revision of appeal - please help!

navinraj1954navinraj1954 Member Posts: 2 Listener
edited May 2018 in PIP, DLA and AA
I am apply pip claim in November 2014and get decision at 20/5/15 but it’s only awarded me mobality standard rate it’s not see about my depression and asthma and arthritics problem my doctor and physiology give letter about problem so I get Appel in tribunal and I admit in time limit and tribunal also not calculate my health mental and bodily and it’s not give justice but it’s remove my award of mobility standard rate I get totaly fail by mental and bodily . Now few days ago one gentalment say about high court ruling for pip so please give me right advice all pip case get rivision and you are’s right to demand backdated pip award so please give me right advise how can do please help me all fours 


  • navinraj1954navinraj1954 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Sorry not four it’s fourm 
  • Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,731 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @navinraj1954

    Back in April 2017 the Government made changes to PIP that tightened up access to the payment for many disabled people. We campaigned against these changes, which made a crude distinction between people with physical impairments and mental health problems.

    Then, in December 2017, the High Court ruled that some of these changes were discriminatory and should be scrapped.

    The Government last month said that it won’t be appealing this decision and that it will be reviewing all decisions relating to PIP awards since the payment  was introduced.  They estimate that up to 220,000 disabled people will receive backdated payments where necessary.

    This is a welcome decision, as we know PIP is a lifeline for disabled people. In research we carried out with over 500 recipients of either PIP or DLA, 58 per cent said that even a small reduction in their PIP award would have a significant impact on their ability to live independently.

    What does this mean for disabled people?

    • The Government will review all PIP assessment reports to identify individuals who could be eligible for a backdated payment.
    • This includes people who were not eligible for PIP following an assessment.
    • No one will need to go through a repeat assessment.
    • The Government has not yet announced when the review will start, or in what order claims will be reviewed.
    Read more at https://blog.scope.org.uk/2018/02/15/what-do-recent-announcements-on-pip-and-esa-mean-for-disabled-people-2/
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  • jane1973jane1973 Member Posts: 175 Pioneering
    Hello everyone i am new here i have been reading about pip claims i had my review last week which i was cut off at explaining any detail in my answers the f2f lady seemed eager to go and smelt of strong tabbacco an also stated that where she comes from which is coventry they know allot about fibromyalgia and that i was in a postcode lottery , the report when it came back never mentioned any of the help i get and need and i could do everything but walk over 200 metres which i got 4 points for and i was not malnourished which i thought was awfull as i have put weight on from being dismissed from work due to health reasons, and microwave meals are not too bad but could be better and i snack eat cos im so depressed, before this i got enhanced care and standard mobility now i face losing my home my dog  and my car that gets me to apointments i feel like theres no point in living as im going to be so isolated im so sorry for being so miserable but im in a rut thanks everyone xx
    Hugz to everyone xx
  • jane1973jane1973 Member Posts: 175 Pioneering
    I think ive posted in the wrong bit sorry
    Hugz to everyone xx
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