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DWP assesment

HI I have been given a appointment to have a health assessment .I informed them that I was suffering from panick attacks and could not leave the house due to anxiety and asked if I could have a home visit .was informed by DWP I needed a letter of my GP stating this and they would look at a home visit. I got the GP letter that says  I was suffering from panic attacks and not able to leave the house due to anxiety symptoms. I have now just received a letter saying my request for a home visit has been refused due to the medical evidence they have received.my question is is this normal and can the DWP override a GP .looks like DWP have made a decision to throw me of benefit before health assessment has been taken .anyone had this happen to them?????


  • Paddock59
    Paddock59 Member Posts: 26 Connected
    Hi chipbrown. I had medical assessment 8 months ago I asked for it at home and was told they had stopped doing it as I questioned them as my last one was at home. I spoke to a freind of mine a few days later and he told me that he had a home visit for his. He is about the same as I am medicaly wish I had spoken to him  before I atended mine. I wouldn't believe anything they say due to my involvement with them at the moment as a lot is out sourced work. Check with your local cab office or someone similar.
  • chipbrown
    chipbrown Member Posts: 3 Listener
    thanks Paddock59 for advice going to try CAB

  • dee4848
    dee4848 Member Posts: 218 Pioneering
    Capita seem to be strict on home visits Atos seem to do more of them .
  • BenefitsTrainingCo
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    Hi chipbrown,

    The normal procedure should be to allow a home visit if your GP has said that you needed one. What would be the point of them telling you to get a letter from your GP if they weren't going to take any notice of it anyway. The GP letter specifically needs to state that you can't attend a centre because of your medical problems and why, a standard letter isn't going to help. It really is disappointing that these medical providers and the DWP are now going against medical advice. 
    If you really can't attend an assessment at a centre you should get your MP involved as there's no other way of resolving this if you've done what they asked and supplied a GP letter.

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  • bevt2017
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    Hi @chipbrown

    I agree with @BenefitsTrainingCo
    My MP has been fantastic.
    Even though they don't have any powers they do have a lot of influence.
    She also wrote complaints letters to DWP and ATOS. In the end I recieved my full award regardless of assessment.
    Good luck 
  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi chipbrown

    Just wanted to add commiseration to what others have written and to confirm that we have a lot of calls at the Helpline saying that a GP's evidence that a home visit is needed has been overruled.

    I'd just add that occasionally, it's better to go to the assessment than to be assessed at home, where you feel more comfortable. Just occasionally the home visit is less favourable in the end because the assessor is more likely not to pick up how much you have to struggle with your environment - you might operate not too badly at home but really badly anywhere else. Anyway, if you really can't go, you can't, and the MP is your next port of call.

    Good luck

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  • chipbrown
    chipbrown Member Posts: 3 Listener
    just had letter saying they will give me a home visit
  • Ripples
    Ripples Member Posts: 189 Pioneering
    @chipbrown Well done  I hope it goes well
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 273 Pioneering
    Good luck with the home visit, chipbrown. Please let us know how you get on.



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