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PIP Appeals

I hope more people can read this than the one I sent yesterday which seems to have disappeared into the ether !
Unfortunately I am not very social media savvy so if anyone spots what I’m doing wrong can they please let me know.
Anyway, I have a number of conditions which forced me to retire in 2017. I have never claimed any form of disability benefit before but applied for PIP in January 2018.
 I have assumed that the assessor has concentrated on my Spinal Stenosis although I have Barrett’s Oesophagus, a heart stent, a pacemaker and have had several strokes.
My assessment was in April 2018 and I received the results last week which awarde me zero for everything.
This came as a shock to me as I am severely limited in what I am able to do eg I can’t walk more than 50 mtrs even with a walking stick. My wife has to help me in in and out of the bath to have a shower (I can’t sit to have a bath) and she has to was me from the waist down because of the Stenosis and arm weakness left by my last stroke which was in Sep 2017. There are more problems which I won’t list here but which I detailed in my claim.
I am going to appeal but don’t know much about it and I feel it is pretty futile considering I am starting from a position of zero.
Any advice would be gratefully accepted.


  • debsidoo
    debsidoo Member Posts: 325 Pioneering
    Hi MICKC
    Dont worry lots of people have to appeal a Zero point rating as the assessors don’t always get it right.Before the appeal you have to ask for a mandatory reconsideration.If you are unsure about anything seek advice from CAB.
    Remember it’s not what you have but how it impacts on your daily living so make sure they understand fully how much you have to have help with.
    I would advise everything is done in writing and sent signed for as proof and keep copies of everything.
    There are people on here who are better informed than me who may have more advice but good luck.
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1 Listener
    Thanks Debsidoo for the advice it’s much appreciated.
    Kind regards

  • lindadenise
    lindadenise Member Posts: 302 Pioneering
    I have spinal stenosis with nerve inpingement dystonia and  fibromyalgia and i scored 8 for care 4 mobility. I cant walk more than 20m but they decided i can walk 50m no more than 200m if i could that would be a miracle. Done my MR still same points. Going to Appeal .
  • loopyt
    loopyt Member Posts: 80 Courageous
    This is not unusual and although appeals are extremely stressful and time consuming the outcome is more likely to be positive. You will see from the many posts on the forum that you are not alone. Please don't give up and if you have any questions please post as there are so many here that will offer advice


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