Disabled boy sues theme park over lack of suitable toilet

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A severely disabled boy is suing a theme park for failing to provide a suitable "changing places" lavatory.

Adam George, 11, claims Flambards Theme Park, in Cornwall, discriminated and failed to make reasonable adjustments for him under the Equality Act. Flambards says it takes inclusion of all visitors seriously and has made adjustments to its toilets.

The company says a permanent changing places toilet would cost over £40,000 - an expense that could affect jobs.

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What do you think? Could this be a step forward to an accessible society?

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  • feir
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    I think that's disgusting they are implying that disability expenses would mean having to fire employees or pay them less. If someone has not made their place inclusive to disabled people then that's their fault and not the disabled persons.

    The way that's been worded suggests to me that no it is not going to help and anyone with prejudices against the disabled will pick up on the above and use it against them. There was a story in the metro this week about a guy giving his feelings about being helped and just about everyone dismissed his feelings for their own, i think certain parts of society are not ready to care about disabled peoples needs at all nor consider them.

    I wish her well though, and all people wanting to be included in society who have not yet achieved that (myself too).
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    That's not on in the 21 century, I visited the Westonbirt aurbereitum in Gloucester and I was surprised, the disability toilet had a hoist bed lifting kit for adults large and spacious and had provision for pre booking of a mobility scooter free to use. The refit of a disability toilet in Chippenham wilts had just your basics no space for anything else.
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    Hello @Sam_Scope Thanks for this. Need to be changes in all places accessible to our community.

    No matter how much it is costing and the excuses. The Theme Park is in the wrong.  Having a toilet that we as a community can use is a priority. For all of us.

    Always remember in the back of my mind. The story of me and several of my friends went to a restaurant bar.  Long time ago. I am afraid did cause an incident.  The disabled toilet was behind a bar. Access then was to wheel my friend behind the bar. Remove boxes and the rest to gain access.

    I added what is the point of that. Need to use the toilet my friend hollered. Anyway the staff short and not very pleasant. All of us tucked away in the corner from view. So all of us who were disabled made look small and insignificant.

    Remember the Bar Manager being patronising then shock and horror. As I explained one of has won the pot at the local bingo night. I had just made a big sale of goods and his demeanour all changed.

    My friend used the toilet we all left and the rest is history.  Spent our money else where. One nil to the disabled community. Nil to the society who do not care and have no understanding.

    What I did do was compile a list of places we could visit to eat and have a good time. Not many at all. Problem was the inaccessibility of the toilets and dining area.

    Spent a hell of a long time trying to talk to staff about our groups needs. Some were well discourteous and some well have to open fire doors to let you in and I do not wish to do that. One such comment.

    Understand this was twenty years ago plus and even now things have not changed. Have they. Still the country we all live in is the dark all the time.

    Our group all moved on and split up and that was that. Lost contact and well some of them unfortunately passed on. I am always amazed at reading these stories and bewildered by the attitude of the society who does not wish to have us as part of their community.

    Take care

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